February 19, 2010


Today, February 22nd, at 1pm CST I will be 40 years old. 40. Forty. Where have the years gone? I still remember being a 7 year old, riding my cool blue Spider bike up and down the street in front of my childhood home for hours on end. Now I drive my car every day for hours on end.

Today I celebrate becoming 40, but what I should really be celebrating is that my mother brought me into this world 40 years ago. Without her and my dad, I wouldn't be here. Thank you to you both.

I saw this on someone else's blog (sorry I can't remember who) and thought it would be kindof fun to apply to myself to mark the occasion. So without further adew.....here are 40 usless bits of information about me - the 40 year old.

1 - I always lock my doors when driving because I’m paranoid of being snatched at a stop light. The instructor at driver's ed put that fear in me!
2 - I always wave at the person behind me when merging lanes in traffic. Not everyone does this – why is that?
3 - I apologize to parked cars when I bump them with my door. Sorry-Sorry-Sorry. Has to be said 3 times fast.
4 - I can pick up things with my toes and so can both of my kids.
5 - I can swim but can’t dive.
6 - I can wiggle my ears.
7 - I can't sew with shoes on.
8 - I drive a 2005 Honda Pilot that was wrecked (parked at the dr office) only 8 days after I drove it off the lot.
9 - I change my purse every 2-3 days. I love working for a handbag company!
10 - I collect thimbles.
11 - I did debt collections for a copier company for 7 years after graduating from college with my teaching degree in Home Economics.
12 - I don’t like coffee, seafood or tomatoes.
13 - I drive over 60 miles round trip to work each day.
14 - I gained 0 pounds while pregnant with my daughter, but gained 47 with my son.
15 - I H.A.T.E. being late!! Anything less than 15 minutes early is late to me.
16 - I have a tattoo of a purple heart on the inside of my left ankle.
17 - I have one brother – 3 years older.
18 - I never buy the 1st of anything on a shelf, unless it’s the only one then that voids this rule.
19 - I played 1st chair viola for 5 years when I was in grades 4 thru 8.
20 - I remember getting a beautiful red tricycle for my 4th birthday.
21 - I secretly l.o.v.e the Jonas Brothers. hehe
22 - I taught 7th grade Home Ec. (for a whole 2 months) Kids are just horrible at that age.
23 - I used to collect carpet fuzz when I was little. (details are only privy to those who REALLY know me)
24 - I used to speak French; not fluent by any means.
25 - I wear size 12 shoes.
26 - I weighed 10 lbs 10 ½ inches at birth and was 22 inches long.
27 - I’m 6’1”. Weight now…. – well we just won’t go there.
28 - I’m afraid of heights. Being tall doesn't help.
29 - I’m very anal and detail oriented. My husband says I’m a control freak. I just like things a certain way.
30 - I’m very much an introvert.
31 - I’ve been in the Empire State Building….but only in the lobby, hence point #28.
32 - I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 10. Same year I got the horrible “Dorothy Hamill” haircut.
33 - I’ve had stitches 4 times (not counting surgeries); all before age 8.
34 - I’ve never been skiing – either snow or water.
35 - I’ve never broken any bones.
36 - I’ve read all 15 of Jennifer Chiaverini’s Elm Creek Quilt books.
37 - My cell phone ring tone is Bon Jovi – It’s My Life.
38 - My favorite color is purple though I never wear it.
39 - My favorite drinks are water, tea and Dr. Pepper.
40 - My favorite foods are my Mamie’s fried potatoes, her chocolate pie and Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls.

So now that you know me a little better (hehe)....How about a giveaway?!?!

I found the link to the tutorial to make this cute little bag via The Polkadot Chair inwhich she had the actual link to the tutorial on Skip To My Lou's blog. It was my first time EVER to work successfully with zippers and with iron on vinyl. So cool. I know what everyone's getting for Christmas this year!!

So - you wanna win this cute little bag? Here's how....I'm going to make it simple today.
Leave me a comment and your entered! Easy as that!
Good luck. Drawing will close at midnight Thursday 2/25/10. Winner will be drawn on Friday Morning! Good Luck.
Happy Birthday to me!


  1. WOW...how impressive that you took the time to list 40 points about yourself....and I read every single one of them!!! (Do I get an extra entry in the giveaway for reading them all?? hehehe) I hope you had a great birthday weekend. 40 is the new 25, or something like that, they tell me. (They told me some similar nonsense when I turned 60!!! LOL) Anyway...I'd love to be entered in your birthday giveaway. I didn't win the scarf in your last giveaway but maybe I'll be luckier this time!

  2. Happy 40th Birthday!

    And I agree with #18, that is so me too!

    Love the giveaway

  3. Jennifer, I just came by because I was facinated by your blog name and low and behold you are having a giveaway. Although, I have done my own tutorial on those bags...they are fun and zippers are easy.

    Being 40 is not bad and you are right, where does the time go? Life is like a dream, one day you wake up and you are old, fat, tired and well....you get the picture....and then you ask, how did I get this way? Smiling......I am not talking about you...it is about me right now...HA!! Happy Birthday...enjoy over 40 more years!!

  4. Happy Birthday hope you have a wonderful day oh I envy getting to change your purse every few days. Like the bag you made.

  5. Happy Birthday Wishes! 40 is young which you will discover when you turn 70. I hope you have a wonderful day and everyone spoils you rotten. Cheers, Ann :-)

  6. Thirty almost killed me, but forty never bothered me at all! It's just a number from this point on, and if you can just stay healthy, you may discover that these are the best years of your life. Enjoy every day as it comes!
    I've wondered how you arrived at your name. I'm guessing it is somehow connected to No. 16?? ---"Love"

  7. Happy, happy 40th Birthday!!! i enjoyed your list of 40 things. I could identify with some of them... but not the changing purses every few days. I'm not sure I've bought a purse in the last 30 years!! I take hand-me-downs my mom and sister put in yard sales and use them for years. The black bag I'm using now has been used for I don't know how long, and the bottom is so worn it's almost threadbare. I hate to part with it! So...all that to say, wouldn't it be cool if I won your bag? I promise i would use it forever..or thereabouts. :)

  8. Happy Birthday!!! i just happened on to your blog because purple is my favorite color. What a day to find you. Hope you had a wonderful day and continue to have an amazing year to come. Bonnie in Iowa browne426@hotmail.com

  9. Happy Birthday!
    Oh, this looks fun! Please enter me into your giveaway!

  10. Happy Birthday!! I loved all the things about you, and there are so many I can relate to also.

  11. Happy Birthday! What a cute little bag! Thanks for entering me in your sweet giveaway :-)

  12. Happy Belated 40th!! (I think I missed this post when I was on my quilty weekend vacation.) I think its so fun that you posted the 40 things about yourself- I might have to borrow that idea. We have a lot in common- I collect thimbles, lock my car doors at all times, swim but can't dive (bugs my ears) and HATE being late. Hate hate hate being late!! :) Christine

  13. Love the bag!!! So cute!


  14. cute giveaway, I'd love to win!
    I also followed you!

  15. Hope you had a great birthday!
    This is a really cute little purse, Congrats on learning something new!

  16. HI Jenn!
    A little late but,
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I might used the '40 things' this year...when I turn 30!! (so 30 of course LOL) Some of them will be very similar!

  17. I so get numbers 2 and 3. I'm working my way through mumber 36. Hope you had a great birthday

  18. My list would go way past 40 points....Won't say how much past....I haven't been snow or water skiing either...despite living in both Salt Lake City and Florida...Happy birthday! Please enter me in your giveaway.

  19. Love the bag and it would help organize my things.


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