November 24, 2009

My how time flies....

So this is what I'm having to deal with these days.... Malek and his "adventures"......

Then Saturday we went to see Curious George Live! It was so much fun. Malek really liked it too. All of about 45 minutes, til he fell asleep right before the intermission. Just cut into his nap time and he wasn't having anything wreck with those plans.

I believe Daddy was snoozing by this time too.

Then I've been doing some more sewing projects.....Hope to get these posted to my etsy shop soon.

I so need some more of this Happy Birthday fabric! It is so bright and vibrant in person. Unfortunately, I sold this one at a show the other night and am desperately needing more! It makes such a cute pillowcase. I hope to have others available on my etsy shop soon too. So check back often.

This is Malek's stocking. The picture up top is Emma on her first Christmas. So this year Malek will have one too for his stocking to hang on.

And this is where I left him this morning before leaving for work. Under the dining room table.

Not aware that he's too tall to just walk out......I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. Please say an extra prayer for those serving in our military and to their families that are away from them at this time of year. Bless you all!