July 30, 2009

$50 Gift Certificate Giveaway!!

Ok Fabric Lovers! Head on over to Rachel's blog p.s.i quilt and see what's up. The Fat Quarter Shop donated a $50 gift certificate for her to give away. I'm super psych'd about this since Rachel is the one that turned me onto the site in the first place. They've got amazing fabrics and for me living in TX...I get my stuff the very next day! SWEET! So go check out her blog and get all the details on how to enter this great giveaway! Thanks Rachel!
I'll race ya!

July 27, 2009

Where has the time gone?

From this.........
9 lbs 4 oz
20 inches long

To this....in 6 short months.
16 lbs 10.5 oz
26 inches long

Well, Malek turned 6 months old yesterday. That was the fastest 6 months ever. He's rolling over, attempting to crawl but mostly just scoots backwards, is sleeping on his tummy most nights, gurgle-talkin' alot, almost able to sit up on his own and knawing on everything in sight. Still no teeth. Should be any day now.

Here is how he spent Saturday - helping with the laundry. And as I said - chewing on everything...including the laundry basket!

He was very fascinated by being able to poke his toes out the holes too.

Have a great week....

July 21, 2009

We Love Green Beans

Oh yes we do! I'd say for his first experience with vegetables, Malek did pretty well. This was all that was left. I finally had to cut him off. Two containers of green beans AND cereal. And some milk to wash it all down of course.
Poor baby didn't believe me when I told him it was all gone.

2 days of green beans down and we are onto squash today.

Signature Block Swap

I'm so excited that I've been "accepted" into Melissa's Signature Block Swap. Even though she had to close the entry early, I know we will end up with a beautiful quilt with signature blocks from all over! I'm so excited. I think she said that there are 70 partcipants. So cool. Thanks Melissa for hosting this. Go over and check out her blog. She does some amazing projects and her little girls are super cute too.

Now I'm off to buy my fabrics. Civil War - a first for me!

July 20, 2009

Birthday Celebration

We had a great weekend with Emma's cookout and ping pong tournament b-day party on Saturday. It was alot of fun. The temp wasn't too bad (yeah - somewhere in the low 90's- such a change from 106!) but with the misting system that we have up under our covered deck, it was quite nice. I love summer hours and how it stays light til almost 9pm. Malek was an absolute angel. He stayed up til 10! And very politely slept til after 8 the next morning. Big thanks honey!

Miss Emma had a great time playing ping pong with her Aunt Donna and Uncle "Bud" (Robert). My dad and Zack even played a game or two. Food was good, got some nice gifts and the cake was AWESOME!! Cooper Street Bakery has made every birthday cake for her since her 1st one. And the 8th one tasted just as good as #1-7. It looked just like her invitations and the colors were perfect. We even had them put an actual ping pong on it.

Emma and Daddy playing mixed doubles!
Malek trying to pull my brother's chin whiskers.

Ok - so to make a long story short - I lost the #8 candle so I had her hold the mini chalk board. Then I remembered the cake said Happy 8th Birthday.

Emma and my mom - Nana

Emma with my brother and SIL - aka Aunt Donna and Uncle Bud

My dad and stepmom - Grandpa and Mary

I promised this look was not rehearsed or reinacted. This was her actual reaction. She really thought it was a computer. Sadly, it's only a portable DVD player. But once she found out that is what it was, she was just as thrilled. She was also super excited with the whole Harry Potter dvd collection as well as Walker Texas Ranger (yeah - thanks mom. She got her hooked), Princess Protection Program and Mr. Troop Mom.

Sunday was spent recovering. I set up Emma's old 13" tv/vcr combo in the sewing room and worked on my Halloween Swap 9 patch blocks while I listened to Gone With The Wind. I just love that movie. Other than that, the landlord came over and installed a new dishwasher. Nice I know, except when I went to brag and show it off to my mother this morning, there was water standing in the bottom. The very reason we had to get a new one. And we also have a smelly mouse - of the deceased persuasion - up in the attic obviously above Emma's bathroom. So I'm seeing another visit from the landlord tonight. Another low-key night in store. Yeah!
Emma and Malek "recovering".

Have a good evening.

July 09, 2009

Sweet Naked Baby

As tradition at 5 months of age...it was time to take naked black and white pictures of my little dude, just as I did of Miss Emma at the same age. However, it was December when hers were shot and she didn't get so "relaxed" that she pee'd on the bed. Got to remember to put that pad on him for the belly shots next time. I'll have to dig up the ones of her and compare them in another post but I couldn't wait to share a couple of these with you all.

First off - look at those lashes! Man - he's going to be a lady killer when he grows up! I thought Emma could bat her eyes and get her way - but boy, he might be worse!

Have a great day - Friday is just around the bend....

July 08, 2009

Great Blog & Giveaway!

Hello Everyone! I just found a great blog via another great blog AlittleofthisandalittleofPat. Go over and visit Ryan's blog. He's having a couple of great giveaways to celebrate his birthday. Drop by and sign up!

PRIZE #1: A set of six (6) patriotic theme fat quarters. HAPPY JULY 4th!!

PRIZE #2: A set of five (5) reproduction 30's prints fat quarters.

PRIZE #3: A fabric charm pack from Moda's Folklorique line. 40 five inch squares.

I just love when other bloggers turn me on to other great blogs! Thanks Pat! Plus Dad's that quilt......Rock!

Have a great day!

PRIZE #4: A gathering of prim items from our shop including, a 30's print hot mat, a scented grubby candle, a package of apple pie simmering blends, and anything else I feel like adding from the shelf. This will be a complete surprise. No peeks!

July 07, 2009

Goodies going out and a Work in Progress

These cute little disappearing 9 patches are headed off to my swap momma today. Thanks Aunt Pitty Pat for hosting this and letting me in at such short notice! Sorry I had to send 3 different sets but I must have used some of my shabby chic blocks for some coasters a while back. But the others turned out just as cute. That just makes for a cuter scrappier quilt - right?And here is a little sneaky peak of my blocks for the Halloween Block Swap that Jane is hosting....So far - super cute!

July 01, 2009

B.A.D.D Weekend

That stands for BIRTHDAYS, AQUARIUMS, DEMI & DAVID of course!
So she went to bed a sweet little 7 year old....

And woke up an 8 YEAR OLD with attitude!! Looks like that transition from 7 to 8 did a number on her hair and her attitude. Don't let the t-shirt fool ya! haha

So we had a fun filled weekend with Emma's birthday celebration that started on Thursday with a trip to the Dallas World Aquarium. That was so much fun. We saw all kinds of birds, fish and other animals. We all had a great time. Malek not so much once we got to the unwater shark tank, but he did love looking at the turtles and sting rays.
The octopus loved Emma and even posed for a picture with her. She also loved the all the enormus fish, sting rays and the manatee.

She wasn't too fond of posing for a picture with this little fella who had just caught his dinner and was waiting for everyone to finish taking pictures of him so he could go eat in private.

We did manage to get a family photo in front of the waterfall. This is definitely a place I recommend taking the kids at least once in their lives, maybe even twice. We would like to take Malek back once he's walking so he can walk up to the tanks and really experience it all up close.
And this is how the trip ended about ten minutes after we were back in the car and headed home.

So onto the birthday dinner at her favorite restaurant Olive Garden. We take her there every year on her actual birth date and then will have a party later on the 18th. So why the super excited pose you ask??
Well, tickets to see Demi Lovato and David Archeleta of course!

The concert was awesome! I didn't watch the American Idol season when David was on, but he sure did put on a great show last night and I'm going out today to buy his CD. He's just as cute as can be! And Demi! She was greatness too! But what else do you expect being a hometown girl! She even had her little sister come out and sing one of her hits too. She was too adorable. Our seats were super and this rounded out a fun filled 8th birthday weekend for Miss Emma. Now on to planning the cookout and Ping Pong tournament for her official birthday celebration we're having on the 18th. Stay tuned....
Have a great week!