June 23, 2009

Another Block Swap

I've just joined the easiest block swap ever! It's being hosted over at Aunt Pitty Pat's.
Go over and check it out - she's still accepting late entries. She's got a super easy tutorial for this swap too. Can't get much easier than that! I'm super excited to see what blocks I get back! I'll be sure to post pics of the ones I'm sending as well as the ones I receive in return. Stay tuned......

June 22, 2009

Father's Day New and Old

So Zack was a new father again this year after being father to 1 for almost 8 years. Though he had to work Sunday, he got to spend a little time with the kids yesterday morning.

And this is the reason he and I get up every morning....

Hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day!

June 17, 2009

For the love of Quilts & Basketball

I've got to stop taking pictures of my quilts so late at night, but that's when I'm finishing them, so that's when the mood strikes me to photograph them. Oh well....you get the idea. This is a quilt top that I pieced together years ago and just found while unpacking. Added some borders and it's a completed top! I'm making it for my 83 year old grandmother (Mamie). I think it will make a nice lap quilt for her and she LOVES purple about as much as I do. I found a beautiful purple orchid fabric yesterday at Joann's in the 50% off clearance section (score!) that I'm going to use for the backing. This quilt is going to have more purple than Barney before it's all said and done! So no quilting last night because Emma had her first YMCA basketball game. At 8:30 - YES PM!! I know it's summer and all, but these kids are still 7 & 8 years old. And let's face it, I need my beauty sleep! haha At least she doesn't have too many of the late slot games, but we do have two a week for the next 6 weeks. Should make summer go by real fast. Between the daily activities at summer camp and basketball twice a week, Miss Emma is going to be one tired little girl come the end of August.
Her real passion however is soccer. Growing up in Jordan, my husband played alot of soccer so he was determined to expose Emma to it as early as possible. Well she kicked her first soccer ball at the age of 11 months - right after she learned to walk. She's been playing for YMCA since she was 4 - 2 sessions a year except this past year when we played indoor too. So indoor starts back up in July. It's so funny because when she started soccer at the wee age of 4 all she wanted to do was dance around on the field and pick flowers and always begged to sit out. Now that she's almost 8, at the end of each qtr, she quickly rushes off the field for a quick drink and then manages to sneak back on to await the kick-off. She doesn't even wait for the coach to go thru the roster to sit her out. She's going to play gosh darn-it! She hates to sit out.

Malek really enjoyed the action.....for a while.
10 minutes into the game......

And then 10 minutes before the game was over........ guess he just needed a power nap!

I can't wait til he's out on the court! At least we have a break in the activities tonight and the hubs is working late, so I'm seeing a quiet night of a little tv and quilting in my future. Kids should be in bed by 8:15-8:30 (yeah it's getting earlier and earlier). Aahhh...then to get up and start it all over again tomorrow.

Have a great day!

June 15, 2009

V & Co Giveaway!!

Go over and ck out the giveaway at V & Co! Beki is going to let V give away something fabulous from her etsy shop. So go over and enter to win - what are you waiting for?? My favorite are the iced cranberry earrings. They are just too darling!

Oh please, please let me win! :-)

Pinwheels, Bobbed Hair & Skating

So here is the product of those pinwheels I made last week. I just love this color combination for a baby girl. Hope it matches her nursery! Now I'm going to send it off to Rachel to quilt it - yeah! One down, about a hundred more to go! hehe - at least a couple more to send to Rachel for quilting anyway!
Where did the weekend go? Mine flew by in the blink of an eye fulling consisting of a visit to see my grandmother, my haircut, Emma's haircut, skating, laundry and a playdate with Emma's BFF Bobby. They had such a good time roller skating and playing together. They've known each other since they were in daycare togther starting at 9 weeks old. Inside activities are a necessity here in TX where the weather has already hit 100! Here are the two goofies!Here is a picture of Malek with my grandmother. I think I snapped it right as he was about to leap off her lap.

What all did you do this weekend?

June 10, 2009

Pretty Pinwheels

So school's out and summer camp has started. Plus we've started summer basketball and in July will be back to indoor soccer. Alot you say - yeah, but it beats growing a couch potato! So in all the craziness that is my summer schedule, I did find time the other night after the kids were in bed to whip these little babies up. They will be put into a little baby quilt for a co-worker. The shower was supposed to be last week, but the day before, she was hospitalized because of contractions. Luckily(for me only) she's on bed rest for 2 weeks so I still have time to hot foot it and finish it up.

And speaking of babies......Couldn't you just eat this one with a spoon?!?!?

And this is what my sweetie was doing when I left for work this morning.

Have a good one!

June 05, 2009

Online Yard Sale!

Who doesn't love a good bargain? And on fabric at that! Go over to Kristie's link and see what all she has up for sale. She is an awesome mom that is trying to raise money for her super smart son Andrew who has been selected to go on a school trip overseas to Italy, France and the Swiss Alps! Lucky dog! So go over to her Yard Sale blog and get some goodies before I buy it all up! hehe

So much fabric....so little time.....

June 04, 2009

Super 2nd Grader!!

Well, another year down - only 10 more to go! 2019 isn't so far away! Yeah right! Emma graduated the 2nd grade this morning and proudly made the B honor roll and also received some special certificates in Reading and Language Arts. She did a super job this year and I know will miss her friends once she starts the new school next year. Way to go doodlebug! We all love you! Love Momma, Daddy, Malek, Nana, Mamie, Grandpa & Mary

Block Swap

How Cool! I just entered my first block swap! It's a Halloween themed block swap! There are still some spots open so go over to Jane's blog and register. It's going to be so much fun. Thanks again Jane for hosting!

Stay tuned for block pics!