December 28, 2009

December is winding down

Another month gone in the blink of an eye.....Malek turned 11 months on Saturday - now on to the countdown of the first birthday bash!!

What an awesome Christmas this year in Texas - It snowed on Christmas Eve and we woke to a super white Christmas on Friday! How cool for the kids.
Malek was so anxious to get down in it that we just said what the heck and let him sit in it for a minute. His first snow only happens once. Reminds me of a time back in '02 or '03 when we bundled Emma up, put her in the recycle bin and pushed her up and down the hill in the backyard after it had snowed. Living in Texas, you use what you've got on hand!
Poor Emma - we joked that she and Malek look like they have about the same # of teeth in this picture. Poor girl! Dental surgery back in February to pull 6 teeth, and only 1/2 a tooth has grown back in!
This was part of our back yard on Christmas Morning. The winds blew snow all the way up to the back door under our covered porch.
Here's hoping everyone has a happy and prosperous 2010!!

November 24, 2009

My how time flies....

So this is what I'm having to deal with these days.... Malek and his "adventures"......

Then Saturday we went to see Curious George Live! It was so much fun. Malek really liked it too. All of about 45 minutes, til he fell asleep right before the intermission. Just cut into his nap time and he wasn't having anything wreck with those plans.

I believe Daddy was snoozing by this time too.

Then I've been doing some more sewing projects.....Hope to get these posted to my etsy shop soon.

I so need some more of this Happy Birthday fabric! It is so bright and vibrant in person. Unfortunately, I sold this one at a show the other night and am desperately needing more! It makes such a cute pillowcase. I hope to have others available on my etsy shop soon too. So check back often.

This is Malek's stocking. The picture up top is Emma on her first Christmas. So this year Malek will have one too for his stocking to hang on.

And this is where I left him this morning before leaving for work. Under the dining room table.

Not aware that he's too tall to just walk out......I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. Please say an extra prayer for those serving in our military and to their families that are away from them at this time of year. Bless you all!

October 13, 2009

Paging Dr Howard, Dr Fine, Dr Howard

Ever take pictures of your kids that resemble movie stars.... Poor kid was cursed with Larry Fine (Three Stooges) curly hair. Reminds me of the one we took of Emma about at the same age where she looks like Squiggy's (Lavern & Shirley) twin sister.

Swine Flu - Round 2

Swine Flu, Swine Flu Go Away
Don't you dare come back our way!
Round 2 of the Swine Flu hit our house last week. Our doctor said we were the first "repeat customers" that he's seen. Just our luck! So after two rounds of Tamiflu, I think we are all on the road to recovery. But I'm not saying it too loudly yet. Poor little Emma's fever got so high, she looked sunburned.

Here are a couple of pics from the park, pumpkin patch and a preview of Malek's halloween costume. Shorts one day and sweaters the next! Crazy Texas weather.

Click on the picture to enlarge and you can see the top two teeth starting to peek through! And he's already figured out how to use them! Little turkey already likes to bite!

Also, Happy Birthday to my momma today! She's was so wonderful over the past two weeks helping me shuffle the kids back and forth to the dr. It's hard taking care of two sick kids by yourself, so she so graciously stepped in and helped out so much. Unfortunately, she's now home sick with a bad cold. Not Swine Flu - yet....Praying no no no! I'm cooking her some good ole' meatloaf and fried potatoes tonight for supper to help cheer her up! Love you Momma!

Best wishes to those that are sick and those trying to stay well.
Have a good week!

September 29, 2009

The Face of Swine Flu

Poor little Emma has been struck down by the Swine Flu. No fun at all. Brother is sick but doesn't have it yet. Both had a trip to the dr yesterday and are on all kinds of meds. At least with today's technology, we're able to work from home AND take care of our sick kiddos. Never having to be torn between your loved ones and a paycheck. I love my company!
Here is how Malek is coping with being sick....all the toys in the house and he'd rather wrestle with my ceramic rooster!

Rewind two days...back before our house was infected....we took Malek to the park for the first time. He loved it. He got to swing, go down the slide, and even feed some very hungry geese.

And even though Malek is only 8 months old, he is already over 21 pounds and 29" tall, we had to get him a new big boy car seat. He seems to love it. It's a whole new world to him now that he can see all that is going on around him and feel the air conditioner too.

2009 Fall Super Shots

It's amazing how fast illness can strike.......

Here's hoping no one else gets sick. Have a great day!

September 22, 2009

Stormy Evening

Well, the rain was back and with a vengeance!
We had wind..........
We had rain.....................
We had lightening..................
We had thunder..............................
And then we had no power!

But before that all happened, I was able to snap a few pictures of those projects I spoke about in yesterday's post. Here are my signature blocks and a sampling of the baby quilt I'm currently working on.
This was my little helper last night. However, he was more interested in his breadstick.
I think the breadstick lost..... Three teeth can really do some damage!
Have a great dry day! Raining here in Texas, again.

September 21, 2009

Weekend Update

Our first couple of days without rain! Yeah! It was beginning to look like Seattle around here in Texas. I love the rain and all but come on! It's been 20 days since my lawn has been mowed. It's looking like a jungle in our backyard.

So we started off our weekend Saturday morning with our first outdoor soccer game of the Fall season. The girls did a great job - winning 8-0. Much better than we faired in any of our indoor games. We started off with new uniforms in a new color - no red this season. Maybe hunter green with be a good winning color for us. So far, so good.

Celebrating our 8-0 Victory! Way to go Super Shots!

Then Sunday was Eid, the end of the Muslim holiday Ramadan. My husband's cousin and his family came by for a nice visit. The kids had a great time. This is the first picture ever of all of them together.
Then after our visitors left and a nice dinner out, I got the kids settled for the night. I then was out in the sewing room burning the night oil. And this is what I managed to get finished. Actually, I worked on alot more, just didn't think twice to take pictures. Must have been the late hour. Oh well, I'll have pics of those project tomorrow. One is another baby quilt for a friend at work and about 1/2 of my signature blocks for the swap Melissa is hosting. But here is my one finished projects. The I Spy quilt for my boss' grandson. It was quilted by Debbie Cramer in Iowa. I met her thru ebay and she's been quilting for me for a few years now. Another great job Debbie!
Hope everyone is starting their week out good. Til tomorrow!