September 15, 2010


Here's Mom's finished Quilts for Kids Dinosaur quilt. It turned out so cute. Can't wait for it to reach someone in need of a good hug to brighten their day.

Here is also my take on a cool Steering Wheel cover. Living in Texas, the wheel can be oh so hot on those 100+ days even WITH a sunshade. This one is for my dad - the ultimate Beatles fan. I was really trying to go with the random string block gig, but my strips started to match up a little too good in some places and then totally off in others. Oh well - must work on more randomness! I'm seeing alot more of these added to my Christmas list too! I might be persuaded to put together a tutorial on these too. Let me know what you think. I just threw this one together, but it was super simple and the possibilities are endless for the top design!

Here's hoping we get another good rain like last night!

September 10, 2010's 12:13am

Holy cow! I can't believe I stayed up soooo late!! Sewing on my Christmas presents. Here's a sneaky peak of what I worked on last night. Can't show the full project because my buddy to receive this sometimes frequents my blog (Hi Susie!!) So....this will have to do for now.

And how about some leg warmer action?? Actually, these are just my socks, but he felt the need to pull them up OVER his knees for some kitchen floor dancin' fun!

Have a great weekend!! I hope to cross off complete and cross off my FIRST of 26(and counting) Christmas presents!!