May 28, 2009

Making Progress, Rolling Over and the Attempt at Rice Cereal

As promised, although later than I wanted...Here area couple of pictures of the "progress" that I've made in our quilting nook. As you can see, Malek was a big help.

We had so much fun that morning. Sister Emma was at Nana's house spending the night with her cousins so it was just me and the little dude. He had a great time "helping" momma while we be-bopped to some great tunes and unpacked fabric.

This is Emma's sewing station at the little white desk looking out to the side yard. That little desk has had a good 8 years with us. Finding it on someone's curb about 8 years ago, it served as a changing table (once purple to match the nursery) when Emma was a baby and is now where she sews and does her arts and crafts, as well as the ocassional homework (ha).

And this is my sewing area. I'll have to take more pictures once it's all put away and everything is in it's place.

So guess what Mr. Malek learned this past weekend?? Yep you guessed it - he rolled over on Saturday and before he even turned 4 months! Man, he's doing stuff ALOT sooner than Miss Emma ever thought about doing. Guess I need to bust out that Home Safety kit we got at the baby shower pretty soon. Before we know it, he will be rollin' and crawlin' all over the place getting into who knows what! I hope the video plays. Y'all (yes, I'm from Texas) let me know if it doesn't.

And if that wasn't crazy enough....we started him on rice cereal last night. You see, he's got reflux (bad) so we took him to a super nice Pediatric Gastroenterologist yesterday. Well, he's been on Zantac for almost 2 months and will continue to be on it for awhile til he stops spitting up such large amounts of formula. So to help weigh things down in his little tummywe started him on rice cereal. So we "attempted" some last night. See for's going to take a couple more days before he's got the hang of it. Or maybe weeks.... Luckily, they aren't too concerned because he's putting on weight - yeah almost 6 pounds since he was born! Born 9 lbs 4 oz, he's now up to 14 lbs 8 oz and has grown from 20" to 25 3/4"! He's going to be a tall boy just like his sister and momma. Sorry Babe - you're going to be the short one after all. All of the "married-ins" to our family are short - strange! With each bite, he kept leaning further and further back in that chair.

He's obviously had enough. By the time it was all said and done, he had it all over his face, the bar and me. This is his "How much more of this crap do I have to choke down" face.

Well, I'm off to attempt the rice cereal trick again. Wish me luck! Have a great night!

May 21, 2009


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May 20, 2009

Happy Birthday HBSB!!

Today is my hub's 47th birthday! Happy Birthday Babe!
We love you - Jenn, Emma & Mookie

May 19, 2009

Pediatric Stroke Awareness

When posting pictures of my kids, it always makes me think of a family that I met thru mutual friends that have been going thru a difficult time with their newest family member. The Oritz family welcomed little Jude last September. Unfortunately, Jude had a stroke while in Jenn's tummy and has had a tough time with seizures. Yes babies have strokes too! You can check out the day to day struggles they face on her blog. Jude; The diary of a baby and a stroke. On my sidebar is a sweet picture link that will take you there. I have to give props to Jenn and her family for the great strength they have shown since Jude was born. She and Mike are amazing parents and have gone to extraordinary lengths to make sure Jude, and other kids like him, have as normal a life as possible. Jude's older sister, Emily, too has helped with raising money and spreading the word about Pediatric Stroke Awareness.

Sometimes I feel guilty that I have two healthy kids at home when there are alot of other families in the world that don't. I am just amazed at the determination that Jennifer and her family has had in making sure Jude has access to every opportunity available. You are an inspriration to me to be a better mother! Thanks!

Please support Pediatric Stroke Awareness!

My New Look!

Check out my new header!! Thanks Rachel!! You are a bloggin' magician. I love it! What do you all think?

First off, I'd like to know why kids have to grow up so fast? I ran across this picture of Emma when she was about 3 and everytime I see it, I just smile. She's about to turn 8 in July and I finally realized that she was growing up last night when the hubs and I were discussing her summer plans (YMCA camp or another local camp) when she piped up "Mom .... it's my summer, why can't I choose where I'm going to go?" Time flies too fast. Hug them each and everyday and tell them how much you love them.

So I was going thru my disc pics for this new header and ran across a bunch of my other quilt pics. I love taking pictures of my projects as I go and once they are completed. Here are a couple that I've made over the years for friends and family. Man I can't wait to get those boxes of fabric unpacked!

This one is Emma's of course that I made for her about 3 years ago. She has a very adorable Mary Engelbreit room.

And this is one that I like to make for baby showers. I've made this one about 6-7 times for various babies. Pinwheels are just so whimsical I think.

So this one is a string block quilt that I made for my brother and SIL's 20th wedding anniversay last year. I also entered it in our local guild's challenge. Didn't win, but was still proud to have it hanging with all the other great works of art. Emma loved being a quilt angel too.

One of these days I hope to get all my pictures together in an online album or at least on one disc!

Have a Happy Tuesday!

May 15, 2009

Exhausted .... Party of One

OMGoodness! Moving is so exhausting! I'm not sure I'll be able to walk upright again. We still weren't totally packed when they arrived at 8:15am Wednesday morning. But we're finally moved in and it only took 14 hours! haha Sadly we went from a 3000 sqr foot home to 1800. But no more stairs!! Yah! "Pack Rat" is obviously my middle name! And I've bestowed the same on my daughter. I know that over 60% of the boxes stacked to the ceiling in our new garage have Emma's name or initial on them. Yes I say initial, because after about the 50th box, I couldn't even find the strength to write the other 3 letters of her name! Sad I know. But boy are we going to have fun weeding thru each and every one of those for a massive garage sale to help raise money for a new patio set and maybe a donation to a charity or two.

Thanks to my mom, aka Nana, who helped us so much with the move and caring for Malek while we were moving. He was such a good sport about it all. Was so interested in every step the movers made and also with the cable guy that came yesterday. Woowho - I have internet at home - finally. I've never had internet at home. Just a little behind the times, I know. Another big thanks to my dad and stepmother. They too came over and pitched in without hesitation.

I also want to give props to our movers - Starving Students. We used them 2 years ago when we moved to the 2 story and again for this move. Our main mover Adrian was a workhorse! And so was his helper Lee. They worked nonstop for 14 hours. Thanks again guys!

So I'm back to work today and not a cardboard box in sight - aahhh! Tonight we will be having a quiet movie night at the house with the kids. So many little time. Actually, I have another 363 days to unpack! :-)

Maybe I'll work on mine and Emma's quilt studio first...I was smart and had them bring all my boxes of fabric in instead of having them buried in the garage heap. I'll post some before and after shots hopefully next week. Oh how I can't wait to get back to quilting again!! I'm almost finished hand quilting the I Spy quilt that Emma made for Malek before he was born. It is so cute and sewing at age 7 is such an accomplishment for her. She can't wait to get sewing again either.

So I'll leave you with a couple pics of Mr. Smacky Mak himself.

Somewhere around 9am on move day....

Somewhere around the 10th hour on move day....

Have a great weekend!

May 08, 2009


Home Sweet New Home!

So we went over and met the landlord last night. He's super nice and I know we are going to love living here. We are leasing this time around. Just not ready to get "tricked" over the taxes again(unfortunate long story). Anyway, it's in a lovely neighborhood back over in a part of town where most of my family lives. Namely my mom & brother! Now we're only 4.3 miles apart instead of 17. And, Emma will be attending the elementary school where my sister in law teaches at. That will be awesome just knowing she will have a personal connection with the new school. And one of her little friends on her soccer team goes there too. She is actually in my SIL's class this year and absolutely loves her! Luckily Emma makes friends very quickly and has been to enough schools that moving again doesn't seem to phase her.

So I'm just curious....what do you do when you are feeling a little down? Me? I go fabric shopping! It makes me smile and puts me in such a good mood. Here is what I picked up on my last adventure to my local Joann's.
These will be for some super cute pillowcases that I learned to make thru a tutorial at Mary's blog. I'll post some of the ones I've already made next week. They are super easy and make great gifts for any holiday! I made several for Christmas presents this past year while I was awaiting the birth of Malek. They made up just quick enough for me to sit in one position without being too uncomfortable.

I also picked up these fun fabrics. They will be for a throw quilt for my mom. Flamingos you ask? Well, it's a long story but my mother has always wanted some to stick in her yard
and I personally think they would have looked a smidge tacky. Now this way, she can have her "Flamino Fix"(oh what a cute name for the quilt!) and the neighbors don't have to know! :-)

Well....wish me luck! Moving day starts tomorrow! Hope everyone has a great weekend.

May 07, 2009

We get keys today!!

So..we are moving! And today is "get the keys" day! YAY! I'm not so excited about not being fully packed for this move, but I am super excited to go from a 2 story back to a 1 story. With a 3 month old, this will really help my knees. Dad was coming this morning to take back possession of the piano since we won't have room for it in the new place. The real movers are coming on the 13th. But we are getting a Uhaul to move the little stuff this Saturday.

My daughter Emma has been such a big help with packing. She's almost 8 and is a great big sister. She has really helped to keep me motivated to get stuff packed up even when I'm exhausted from working all day and coming home to take care of little Malek (Smacky Mak). He's such a good sport about it too, being shuffled from one room to the other while we get everything packed up. My mom is a huge help too. There is just something about having her over at the house that gives me the motivation to get stuff done too. She doesn't even have to be actually helping me, just having her presence is enough. Mostly because we talk non-stop the whole time. Makes the time go alot faster. Plus she is big help with entertaining Malek. We are so fortunate to have her take care of him during the day while we work.

Well in the midst of all the packing chaos, Malek got himself a new Bumbo chair. Doesn't he look cute! The hubs was insistent that he was too young but he looks to be sitting up just fine on his own.

Big THANKS!!! to Rachel for the shout out on her blog. She was the one who gave me the bloggin' bug! Thanks Rachel!! Also Thanks to Robin for posting as my first official Follower!! Thanks a bunch Robin - I'll start following your blog too. Quilt bloggers are the best!

Til tomorrow....

May 05, 2009

my first blog!!

I've finally come to the age of blogging! Thanks to Rachel at p.s. i quilt. Thanks Rachel!