February 08, 2012

Little Entrepreneur

It seems that my girl is becoming quite the little businesswoman at age 10! I made her a simple little tissue holder the other day and since then, she has sold over 22 to her little friends & teachers at school! Get this...she's even charging a small fee for the tissues too! So this is starting to be a thriving business for the two of us. We're saving the $ we make to pay for a booth at a big craft show in October at one of the local high schools. She is super excited and so am I. Now I just have to get started on the stock we'll need for the show. Oh we've got some great ideas! Cross you fingers we can pull this one off! Here is a sampling of some of the ones I've made so far. We're even coming up with a little catalog of fabric pics they can choose from!

February 02, 2012

Halloween Tops Done

Ok...so I'm either a few months behind or alot of months ahead of schedule. I choose to think I'm AHEAD of the game this year! ;)

Here at the Halloween quilt tops for the kids. All ready to be sandwiched together and quilted. Had a burst of energy last night....and a good movie on (The Notebook - LOVE!!!). That always helps!

I'm also working on getting ready to quilt a top my 85 year old grandmother pieced together by hand!! I got it all pressed last night and it too will be sandwiched together soon. I've been cutting 5 inch squares for her since Thanksgiving and I think besides this top, she might have enough for another 2 tops ready to be pieced!