March 28, 2011

Mug Rug Love!

Not sure if you've seen, but over at the blog called "twomoreseconds" she's been hosting Mug Rug Madness! These little things are catching on like wildfire! I've made several, but never had done one for me.....til NOW!!

I've had this fabric from Keepsake Quilting for.EVAH! Finally - the perfect little project to display these cutie fabrics featuring my signature color - PURPLE!! It went together super fast because I used the String Block method where it quilts as you go. I even got brave and tried sewing the binding to the back and then...get this....STITCHING IT DOWN BY MACHINE to the front!! I am an avid "sew to the front then hand stitch to the back" kindof girl, but I thought what the hey - I'll give it a whirl! So don't look to closely at my stitching as it's a little swirvy. Is that even a word? lol



Then afterwards, while I was still on a sewing high, I decided to start a table runner out of a cute rooster panel that I found at Joann's. I'm making this one for my aunt that kept Emma entertained for several days during Spring Break. As a little "thank you!"

So go forward and join the Mug Rug Madness!! Or whatever other madness you choose to join!

:-) Jenn

March 21, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up

This weekend, we went to East Texas to stay with my aunt and then all go to one of my cousin's baby shower. This is the quilt that I made for Mason Lee - how cute is that name? Apparently he's due any day. They loved it and it goes perfectly with his nursery.

Hope you can see the hand quilting that I did. It was alot of fun and added some interest I think. Just free-handed it all. I love the bouncing stitches up in that green area the best.

The backing was so soft and I just love how the green binding contrasted with it.

Malek got to ride on a real country tractor with my cousin's husband. He even let him steer. Malek loved it. Later that evening when we were quizzing him on what everyone's name was, when it came to Jason, he just called him Tractor! So I think Jason has a new nickname! So cute. Morning coffee on the porch with Nana. Sorry Mom for catching you with no makeup. *smile*
{left to right: Kaden, Malek, Ethan, Lane & my cousin Stephen}
Hanging out on the porch after a game of tag.

It was a fast trip but a good one. We had a great visit with everyone - just wished we could have stayed longer. We plan on going back soon to take all the kids on the train (Rusk to Palestine). It runs RIGHT BEHIND my aunt's house. That train whistle was quiet loud!
More stitching to do.....where to begin?

March 16, 2011

Strip Quilt

Have you ever heard of the blog Film in the Fridge? Well, it's a little piece of fabulousness. Ashley does some great quilts in really beautiful colors and fabrics. Lately she's been on a kick of strip quilts. I can't get enough of these, especially her latest ones out of Flea Market Fabrics. Man, I've got to get my hands on some of that!

Well, this is my adaptation of a strip quilt, but I did it like a giant string block. Started in the middle and worked my way out. Quilts as you go, serged the edges so putting on the binding would go smoother too. Now I'm adding some simple hand quilting to jazz it up a bit. Will post pics when I'm done with that and the binding. Better get hopping as the baby shower that I'm making this for is this Saturday - out of town! Wish me luck!


March 14, 2011

EEEeeeekkkk! Doll quilt received!

Squeal!! Here is my doll quilt from my partner Sarah! How cute! And so my colors!! Sarah - you did such a great job!!! She even sent me the pattern and a cute little FQ of red/pink heart material. Sorry I didn't get a picture of that - was too excited about the quilt as you can imagine!
So I asked Malek to hold the quilt for me and smile.

nice smile, but can you smile a little bigger?

Ok - that's a little better....but can you smile a little Bigger??
That's it! I think he was just as excited to receive this as I was!

Thanks again Sarah - You did an outstanding job!!

Malek was quiet taken with it. I might have to make him one but in "boy" colors.

Sarah should be receiving her quilt today. Man I hope she likes it!! Wish me luck!

March 10, 2011

Final Doll Quilt Swap Teaser

Soon, this little gem will be on it's way to my swap partner Sarah. Hope she loves it as much as I do!

March 07, 2011

Doll Quilt Sneak Peek & other Happenings

Finally....I've got my mojo back! Not sure where it was, but it reared it's head alot this weekend! So without further ado, let the show begin....

This is for my partner Sarah (Be Forever Grateful!) - First off a little sneak peak of my Doll Quilt for the DQS that Christine at Once Upon a Quilt is hosting. I hope she likes it because I know I'm sure going to have a hard time parting with it.
Then I made this super easy little coffee cozy for my stepmom for her birthday in her "signature color". This is the fastest little project and would be a great little gift for the coffee lover in your life.
I also finished up the baby quilt for my bossman's oldest daughter who is due with her first baby - a boy - early next month.

So - that's about it in the sewing onto what the kids have been up to while their daddy was out of town for 8 days. Malek has already picked up on his momma's knack for multi-tasking like caring for the "kids" and vacuuming the house.Lounging under the coffee table watching movies.
You might think - oh how cute, he's posing with momma's quilts. No - on the contrary. This is his time out spot. And let's just say, he spent alot of time there this weekend. Just couldn't help "beating up" on his sister.
And when he wasn't beating up Emma, they were snuggling on the couch playing her DSi.
He also suited up in his protective gear to do a little work around the house. And you can't work without your trusty sidekick dog Pluto!
Daddy's home and we're all happy once again!
Take care and keep on quiltin'!