March 31, 2010

I'm still here.... Really I am.....

Raising two kids almost 8 years apart is HARD, but so rewarding.

Drumroll please.........the little guy is FINALLY WALKING!!! 14 months old on the 26th and he's finally decided that walking is so much more fun than crawling. Here's the proof.He's also discovered that he LOVES suckers (of course under extreme adult supervision....)
So at the start of 2010, I vowed to take more pictures of my kids with me in them - something I didn't do alot of when Emma was smaller and now regret. So here's one of me and the kids the other night at Emma's open house at school. Of course Malek was busy looking at some other kids that were playing nearby.
And on a quilting note.....this is a project that I've got listed on my sidebar or at least I think I do...note to self - check that out.'s a doll quilt to match a baby quilt that I'm making for a co-worker. I even quilted it myself!! Not washed yet, but still cute as can be in my book. I figured her 2 1/2 year old daughter would like a mini version of the one her new brother or sister will be receiving when they arrive this summer. They aren't sure of the gender, and the baby is due in June so when I found the umbrella fabric, I just knew it would make a cute summery baby quilt. I also plan on making them both matching bib and burp clothes out of the same fabric. I'll post more pics as I progress.

Well, it's Wednesday and almost the end of my work day, oh and we have Friday off (yeah)....nothing on tv tonight so that means SEWING!! YEAH ME!

Have a good one!

March 11, 2010

Emily's Smile Boxes

Please watch this little news clip of a local Texas girl. I know this family and what this little girl has created in her Smile Boxes is awesome. She started this charity shortly after one of her little brother's many hospital stays. Jude, her little brother, had a stroke in utero. Please go to their website, Jude, The Diary of a Baby and a Stroke, and read their story. They are an amazing family. I'm proud to say that I've contributed to them too. She currently delivers to area hospitals on a monthly basis, but hopes to one day be able to deliver them worldwide.

Feel free to grab their button and help promote Emily's Smile Boxes and Pediatric Stroke Awareness!

Have a great Thursday!

March 10, 2010

Quilts for Kids

I saw another quilty blogger had made a quilt for the charity Quilts for Kids and I thought it was a great idea so I logged onto their website and ordered a kit. It was shipped to me within a week and comes with everything except batting. And the strips and focus squares are already cut! How much easier could it be to make a quilt for a child in need. These quilts are given to kids in hospitals that are battling cancer, AIDS and other life threatening illnesses or child abuse.

I encourage each of my quilty friends to go over and order a kit and make a quilt for a child in need. This kit is so super easy. The directions and pattern are very easy to follow and it makes up in no time at all. It's taking me a little longer since the only time I've been able to sew lately is after the kids go to bed and then it's only an hour here and there. But here is where I'm at so far. The fabrics are so cute. My blocks are sewn together. Now to sew the rows together and add my two borders and voila! Quilt top will be done.

So pop on over and order a kit. When I get this one ready, I might just request me up another one! They also encourage you to send one made from your own stash. I KNOW I've got plenty to make one with my own fabrics. I think I'll do that!

It's's all downhill from here. :-)

March 04, 2010


No quilty business today....just some good ol' fashion momma braggin'.

Here are a couple of Malek's 1 year pics. I'm lovin' this boy more and more every day.

March 03, 2010

Busy Busy Bee

Here a little something of what I've been working on for Miscellaneous in Grapevine. Dropping off the goods today at lunch. The tag raggies are so soft! Emma - almost 9 years old wants one too, because they are so darn cute and cuddly!

I also made some awesome meat & veggie lasagna last night too. My first time EVER. And EVERYONE loved it. I was pretty impressed with myself. I may have a college degree in Home Ec, but cooking has never really been my best forte.
Have a great day!