August 30, 2010

Mom's Progress

Back a couple of weeks ago, I had my mother over one Saturday and we had ourselves a sew-in. Well, mother finally got the top sewn together for her Quilts for Kids quilt. The dinosaur fabric is just adorable. Last night I got it quilted and tonight I'm going to be sewing on the binding so she can finish it off while Malek naps when she comes to watch him on Wednesday. Such a simple pattern and so cute. I really should cut up some of my stash and make a couple more myself.

She's also working on a string block quilt for my aunt (her sister) for her birthday at the end of September. She's going to use light pink as a filler sashing and a first border and then add another darker/brighter pink similar to the block centers for the main overall border.
And what blog entry wouldn't be complete with a random pick of my son clad only in a beach towel? His expression is priceless. Like someone just startled him out of the bath! hehe

Another day, another quilt top.....

August 23, 2010


I'm so proud of myself! I sewed and sewed my little heart out but I finished the Snoopy quilt in time for the birthday party for my friend's little boy. Of course, I rearranged the squares AGAIN before sewing them together, but I'm happy with the result. Plus I found the most fabulous fabric for the back - (oh crap! forgot to take a pic of it!). I still have a piece of it. Will have to photograph it and post it later. It was meant to be!!

They even played pin the ear on Snoopy! Here's Malek taking his turn.And here is my big 4th grade girl! All 5 foot 2 1/2 inches of her (and just only turned 9) !!! I see WNBA in her future at this rate.

Hope everyone else has a great first day of school wherever you are!

August 17, 2010

Snoopy Blocks

I don't know if I'm completely happy with the layout or not. What do you all think? I'm a little OCD about having the same fabrics touching or repeating too closely together. Does this layout look ok? I'm not happy with the 3 white center blocks playing tic tac toe diagonally. Any suggestions? Might just have to live with it. Either that or just go buy more fabric!!

It was late (as usual) when I did this last night, so I may take another stab at it tonight. Still need to trim them all up to the exact same size. Should have done that before I started arranging them. Oh well.....

August 16, 2010

Hurry up and wait...

Over the weekend, I finished zig-zagging around all of the letters on the ME "Friends" quilt and got the backing pieced. Now it's set aside til I get the batting and can get it sandwiched and quilted.

So in the mean time.....I just can't sit still! I've got to start another project! Yeah that's me - the one with the most UFO's! Except this one I HAVE to get done asap because it's for a birthday present this Saturday. It's a baby quilt so it should go together quickly.

I've got all the squares done. I followed Allison's (cluck cluck sew) pattern (BTW love her!) where you lay two blocks of fabric on top of each other and then cut all pieces at once then change out the center block to make two blocks, somewhat mirror image of each other. I couldn't remember her dimensions so I just went with the flow and made up my own. I started with 8 inch blocks and cut off 2 inches on each vertical side. Then cut off 2 inches from the top and bottom. This left a 4 inch center block. Switched out the centers and sewed them all back together.

Here is what I ended up with! Pretty darn proud of myself. Tonight I get to lay them all out. I'm sure with the help of a certain someone too!! Might have to wait til that one is down for the night.

These are about the worst photos I've ever taken, but given the time of day (11:15pm) last night, they will have to do. You get the point - right? Tomorrow I will have better pics of them all laid out. I have 30. Main fabric is that cute little Snoopy fabric. This is going to be one luckly little dude! It's for a former co-worker's son's 1st birthday!

On to the layout of the blocks!

August 11, 2010


I tackled the scariest part of this quilt last night.....zig-zagging around the letters. 4 down - 3 to go... Not the greatest, but I think I can add some applique flowers or cute buttons to cover any "boo-boo's".

I love sewing late into the night, but I sure pay for it the next day! Oh well, that's the price I pay for my passion!

August 09, 2010

Weekend Sew-In

Well, to help my mom, as well as myself, get the motivation to get back into sewing, I held a little sew-in at my house on Saturday. She came over about 7:30am and we sewed our little hearts out. Yummy snacks and a crock pot beans included. Both of the kids even joined in. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pics of Emma sewing but she worked on some charm squares that she's making into a baby quilt to donate to a child in need. Here's Malek getting Emma's seat "warmed up".

This is how Malek spent alot of his time "helping" his Nana sew - standing in the chair behind her back. She worked on a super cute dinosaur quilt for the Downy Quilts for Kids charity. Again - no pics - guess I was just too busy sewing myself! It's a great charity though and they send you just about everything you need to make a great little quilt for someone in need.
And I made a little more progress on the quilt top for my former co-worker that had the brain tumor removed. I've got to applique the letters down and add a yoyo for the dot over the I and then I can start quilting it. I freehanded the letters similar to the ones that are on the ME website. Wanted it to be as authentic as possible.
And last but not least - Friday afternoon, I took the boy in for his 18 month (where did time go!) checkup. He is currently 26.2 lbs and 34 inches tall! He's averaging about 2-3 inches every 3 months since he turned 1.
Have a great week - quilt on!

August 06, 2010

Giveaway Win

So with temps here in TX between 105-110 the past couple of days. it's just too hot to even think about going outside to take those great outdoor shots of my quilts. But last night I sucked it up and went forth! As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I was the winner of Rachel's giveaway (p.s.iquilt) from her sponsor Rachel @ Quilter Girl. So without further is the GORGEOUS little quilt that I won!! Can you hear the giddyness in my typing?!?!? It's so sweet and looks perfect in my house!

The stitching on the back is with a beautiful verigated thread and is amazing up close. The perfect little home for this beauty!

August 04, 2010

Sneaky peak

Hope to have some borders on it tonight or tomorrow to share.