October 13, 2009

Swine Flu - Round 2

Swine Flu, Swine Flu Go Away
Don't you dare come back our way!
Round 2 of the Swine Flu hit our house last week. Our doctor said we were the first "repeat customers" that he's seen. Just our luck! So after two rounds of Tamiflu, I think we are all on the road to recovery. But I'm not saying it too loudly yet. Poor little Emma's fever got so high, she looked sunburned.

Here are a couple of pics from the park, pumpkin patch and a preview of Malek's halloween costume. Shorts one day and sweaters the next! Crazy Texas weather.

Click on the picture to enlarge and you can see the top two teeth starting to peek through! And he's already figured out how to use them! Little turkey already likes to bite!

Also, Happy Birthday to my momma today! She's was so wonderful over the past two weeks helping me shuffle the kids back and forth to the dr. It's hard taking care of two sick kids by yourself, so she so graciously stepped in and helped out so much. Unfortunately, she's now home sick with a bad cold. Not Swine Flu - yet....Praying no no no! I'm cooking her some good ole' meatloaf and fried potatoes tonight for supper to help cheer her up! Love you Momma!

Best wishes to those that are sick and those trying to stay well.
Have a good week!


  1. I hope your family will be well soon. I had no idea someone could get the Swine Flu twice......that's extra scary.

  2. Hope u r all recovering. Lovely photos xxx


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