December 28, 2009

December is winding down

Another month gone in the blink of an eye.....Malek turned 11 months on Saturday - now on to the countdown of the first birthday bash!!

What an awesome Christmas this year in Texas - It snowed on Christmas Eve and we woke to a super white Christmas on Friday! How cool for the kids.
Malek was so anxious to get down in it that we just said what the heck and let him sit in it for a minute. His first snow only happens once. Reminds me of a time back in '02 or '03 when we bundled Emma up, put her in the recycle bin and pushed her up and down the hill in the backyard after it had snowed. Living in Texas, you use what you've got on hand!
Poor Emma - we joked that she and Malek look like they have about the same # of teeth in this picture. Poor girl! Dental surgery back in February to pull 6 teeth, and only 1/2 a tooth has grown back in!
This was part of our back yard on Christmas Morning. The winds blew snow all the way up to the back door under our covered porch.
Here's hoping everyone has a happy and prosperous 2010!!


  1. happy new year!
    sorry for lack of comments; ive been a very slck blogger recently!
    can u believe our lil bundles r nearly 1!

    one of my new years resolutions is to have a go at quilting :O)
    much love

  2. Snow is great isn't it? My boys grew up in FL so they're always happy to see some snow too - they'll be here again this year in February. People think they're crazy for visiting in the dead of winter but that's what's unique and different for them and we always have a good time.

    Glad you had a nice holiday!


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