January 20, 2010

A little braggin'

Check out who's Valentine Scarf is on the front display table....MINE!!...Super cute, huh? This was just one of the few little goodies that I dropped off at Miscellaneous in Grapevine over the weekend.

I also dropped off some more Dallas Cowboy Tag Raggies. They seemed to be a hot seller in the past few weeks. Here's one in the FRONT WINDOW!! (giddy little laugh) Stinks that the Cowboys didn't win, but I'm sure there are still some die hard fans out there that would love to have one of these for their babies to gnaw on. Makes a great teether or lovey. Hate how you can see my reflection in the window - oh well, I never claimed to be a professional.

Also over the weekend, while Emma was at a sleepover at her Grandpa's house, Malek and I went to visit my grandmother. I make it a point to take pictures of the kids with her at each visit. I just love my Mamie and Malek does too. LOVES to chew on her oxygen tube.....
Not walking on his own but will walk with Mamie's walker! Crazy kid.
I just love the angle on this picture. A span of 4 generations, 83 years apart. Amazing.

Have a great HuMp DaY!

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  1. Someone will be proudly wearing that Valentine scarf soon! I love the idea of those rag taggies I've read about this week, but did yours have to say "Cowboys" this week??? (Just teasin'. Oh well, there's always next year.)
    Do continue to take and treasure those generational family pictures. So few take them anymore. I'm so proud of the few I have. ---"Love"


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