September 15, 2010


Here's Mom's finished Quilts for Kids Dinosaur quilt. It turned out so cute. Can't wait for it to reach someone in need of a good hug to brighten their day.

Here is also my take on a cool Steering Wheel cover. Living in Texas, the wheel can be oh so hot on those 100+ days even WITH a sunshade. This one is for my dad - the ultimate Beatles fan. I was really trying to go with the random string block gig, but my strips started to match up a little too good in some places and then totally off in others. Oh well - must work on more randomness! I'm seeing alot more of these added to my Christmas list too! I might be persuaded to put together a tutorial on these too. Let me know what you think. I just threw this one together, but it was super simple and the possibilities are endless for the top design!

Here's hoping we get another good rain like last night!


  1. A steering wheel cover! What a great idea, and so very cute! Lots of possibilities! Your mom's little quilt is precious! ---"Love"

  2. Your Mom's quilt is adorable!

    Love the steering wheel cover. Being in Florida, I could really use one of these. A tutorial would wonderful!

  3. Wow this one is really bright and colorful! All the ones they have sent have really pretty fabric.

  4. I honestly have never seen a cover like this! When it's too hot, I drive using a dishcloth or potholder, lol. Great idea, and your dad will love it!

  5. Yes please to the tutorial! Great idea! The dinosaur quilt is really going to brighten someone's day :)

  6. Cute dinosaur quilt! Some of your pictures aren't showing I'll be back later!

  7. a quilted wheel cover -- wow, what a cute idea!

    love your finishes :)
    thanks for the comment on my polka dot quilt!


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