February 08, 2011

Doll Quilt Swap

Hello Everyone! I've signed up for my first doll quilt swap that Christine over at Once Upon a Quilt is hosting (thanks Christine!). My swap partner is Sarah from Be Forever Grateful and so far, she is spot on with her color choices for my little doll quilt! I love bright colors! I hope to narrow down my selection for Sarah's little quilt soon too. Ok Sarah - here are a few that I had in mind.....anything strike your fancy???

So I'm sure some of you saw the crazy ice & snow storm that we were hit with here in Texas last week.
(looking from my driveway down the street)
(yes - that's my child laying face down in the snow refusing to come in)
4 days - count them FOUR days of no school or work! That has never happened before. Nice little vacay! While I was recovering from a bad sinus infection and broncitis, I found time to do some hand quilting on a top that I started quilting about 4 years ago. Really couldn't do anything else since we were socked in and I had no voice! I'm almost done with the hexie blocks and will then start the quilting on the borders. Maybe I'll finish this one soon!

We are expecting more bad weather tonight so maybe I'll get to work on it again tomorrow. Till then...... Jenn


  1. My BFF too. She's in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Homebound for 4 days and she's looking forward to tomorrow (hoping for another day off). Good luck with your first swap. I love all the choices you're throwing out there. My personal fave is the purple/green/teal fabrics.

  2. I didn't have quite as much snow as you, thank goodness, but it was colder than kraut, as my Dad used to say! My GS's were out four days too, and now one is home sick in bed with a fever, and another ice storm coming tonight! They probably won't go to school again until Friday, if then. There goes the summer vacation, right? I have everything I need here in my house, and I'm not getting out again til it's over!
    Your hexagons are really pretty, and a breath of spring! I love the blue and yellow together. I do hope you get to sew tomorrow, but I'm not looking forward to ice/snow! Stay safe and warm! ---"Love"


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