September 06, 2011

Where O Where Have I Been?

Ok - so I haven't fallen off the face of the earth... Summer's been hard around these parts, but getting better. School has started and we're finally getting back into that old routine. New school and new daycare to boot!

We also managed to enjoy one last dip in the pool as well as some much needed cooler weather yesterday (60's- 80's!!). Haven't seen temps like that in a LONG time. Yesterday the kids and I had a great time at the park playing in the sand.

I managed to finish up a couple of baby quilts for some co-workers over the long holiday weekend.

I really love being able to quilt small projects like this myself. It's saving me tons of moo-lah!

One for Baby Sister and a matching doll quilt for the Big Sister!

And someone also found his new favorite movie this weekend. Any guesses???

Working on another 10 or 11,000 other projects so hope to start posting more regularly. Not placing any bets, but I am still around.



  1. Howdy, Stranger, (as we say in these parts)! Looks like you and the kids had a fun day together. I can't believe how much Malek has grown! Those little quilts are cute as bugs! This is my second day to work in the yard; first day outside this summer I think! I'm loving this cooler weather! ---"Love"

  2. Welcome back! I love all the minis you've been working on.

  3. The weather has been heavenly, hasn't it. Great day to go to the park! The quilts are very special. I love the marble fabric! The matching quilts are so fresh looking. Perfect for girls. We got back to TX in time to sample 4 days of 100 weather, but we like the cooler days much better.


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