August 27, 2012

Rainy Days and Mondays........

So, yes it's been since May since my last post, but not because I'm lazy or anything.  Alot of my absence is due to some life changes that couldn't be helped, and then a larger part due to this darn blogger changeover in the format that my new posts come up in.  Has anyone else had problems?  Driving me crazy.  Slowly I'm adapting.  Otherwise, I'd never post again and that's just not going to happen!  I've got too much cool stuff to show you guys.

So today was Emma's first day of 6th grade.  Man where did the time go?  Especially this Summer.  The kids and I had some great times and built some lasting memories.  But now it's time for school to start up again and get us all back into that routine.  Except this year we have an added adjustment to our routine. Emma is riding the bus!  YIKES I know!  This is the first time in her life she has had to ride the bus to and from school.  The district changed our start and end times so that I just can't manage to drop her off and still make it to work in time.  However, I am able to SEE her get on the bus then dart off on my way to work, and provided that I have already taken Malek to daycare 45 minutes before.  That gives me time to get him dropped off and back at the house to walk Emma to the bus stop just up the street. Or at least stand in the driveway and watch HER walk to the bus stop.  Man it's tough letting go.  I cried the whole way to work simply because I wasn't able to DRIVE her to school myself.  I can only imagine what I'll be like in two years when I have to take Malek to Kindergarten!?!

Here's a little of what's been keeping me busy this summer............
Little getaway to Sea World in San Antonio....

Emma celebrated her 11th birthday.....
And then I did a little sewing.............
 This will be a graduation/going to college present for the son of a very dear friend.

And these little piles turned out to be 18 novelty pillowcases for the October show.

This cute little notebook cover was made from a tutorial from Rachel on Stitched in Color.  Her directions were so super easy that I made this one in about 2 hours.  Think I'll whip up a couple more for the craft show in October that I'm participating in.  So cute!

So I guess that's about it for now.........School's back in session, we've got a new routine at home and there's plenty more sewing to be done for the October Craft Show!

p.s....and did I mention??  It was POURING down rain this morning when I put her on the bus!  Just my luck!


  1. Very cute cover! Thanks for sharing. I always like making in diagonals too =)

  2. How good it is to see all those smiling faces! Glad you got to go to Sea World. Seems like I didn't go anywhere this summer! That is a really neat quilt; haven't seen one like that before. The notebook cover is cute too. (Are brown paper book covers still given out at school? Probably not! Maybe I should ask if schools still use books, or is everything online now?) That's quite a stack of ironed fabric! I'll probably have one about like it by noon tomorrow, only mine will be Christmas fabrics -- all washed now! Hope life is good now for you and yours; we've got to get together when Ruth returns! Happy belated birthday to Emma!---"Love"


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