August 27, 2015

HOME State Pillow Covers

Well, Hello quilty friends!  It's been a busy couple of days lately with school starting back up.  I now have a 1st grader and a 9th grade HIGH SCHOOLER!  Crazy nuts yes!

Gratuitous kid photos.....

HEHE - My how she has grown up - this was her first day of Kindergarten.  Hard to believe she's in 9th now!  She hasn't changed too much!

Somehow I have been able to find time to sneak away to the machine every now and again.  And here is what I've been able to create.  

May I introduce my HOME State Pillow Covers!
These three are actually listed individually in my etsy shop for sale as is, but I also have a custom listing for any state you wish.  More detail pics are on each listing.

I am totally in LOVE with them!!  What do you all think?  I've made a few more Texas ones for an upcoming Craft Fair in November at my daughter's school.  I'm hoping they are well received.

I've also been working on some Holiday Pillow Covers as well.  I hope to have those completed and ready to share with you next week.  Though you will already see my Halloween and St. Patrick's version listed in my shop.  Christmas and Valentine's Day are soon to follow.  Pretty soon my house is going to be overrun by pillows!  I can't help it!  I love them so!

Well tonight is Project Runway so that means definite time at the sewing machine - and with the boy too.  He's taken quite the interest in sewing and crafting lately.

So until I sew again!

Later peeps!


  1. What cute pillows! I love that idea! I'm sure they willl sell well wherever you put them. I cannot believe how much Emma and Malek have grown! Both are good looking kids. Sounds like you have been, and will continue to be, busy as a bee. I love seeing what you've been up to lately. ---"Love"

  2. They grow up too fast!! They look so cute on their first day of school! Great pillow covers! "Texas" items should go well - we used to sell TX shaped plaques, pot holders, etc. The shape of Texas is so unique and other state shapes aren't as good - especially if they are just a rectangle. I have made a few TX flags - quilted that I sold and they are pretty easy. Good luck with the pillows!

  3. love these pillows!!! cant wait to see one with a patterned background too :)


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