June 10, 2009

Pretty Pinwheels

So school's out and summer camp has started. Plus we've started summer basketball and in July will be back to indoor soccer. Alot you say - yeah, but it beats growing a couch potato! So in all the craziness that is my summer schedule, I did find time the other night after the kids were in bed to whip these little babies up. They will be put into a little baby quilt for a co-worker. The shower was supposed to be last week, but the day before, she was hospitalized because of contractions. Luckily(for me only) she's on bed rest for 2 weeks so I still have time to hot foot it and finish it up.

And speaking of babies......Couldn't you just eat this one with a spoon?!?!?

And this is what my sweetie was doing when I left for work this morning.

Have a good one!


  1. Oh, your baby is so cute. Can't wait to see the finished baby quilt.

  2. Love your pinwheels and sweet family pics! Just found your blog today over on Jilly's space....I love the personalized quilt you made your daughter. I am going start a personalized one for my newborn cousin next. Thanks for sharing your work with us!


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