June 15, 2009

Pinwheels, Bobbed Hair & Skating

So here is the product of those pinwheels I made last week. I just love this color combination for a baby girl. Hope it matches her nursery! Now I'm going to send it off to Rachel to quilt it - yeah! One down, about a hundred more to go! hehe - at least a couple more to send to Rachel for quilting anyway!
Where did the weekend go? Mine flew by in the blink of an eye fulling consisting of a visit to see my grandmother, my haircut, Emma's haircut, skating, laundry and a playdate with Emma's BFF Bobby. They had such a good time roller skating and playing together. They've known each other since they were in daycare togther starting at 9 weeks old. Inside activities are a necessity here in TX where the weather has already hit 100! Here are the two goofies!Here is a picture of Malek with my grandmother. I think I snapped it right as he was about to leap off her lap.

What all did you do this weekend?


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