July 08, 2009

Great Blog & Giveaway!

Hello Everyone! I just found a great blog via another great blog AlittleofthisandalittleofPat. Go over and visit Ryan's blog. He's having a couple of great giveaways to celebrate his birthday. Drop by and sign up!

PRIZE #1: A set of six (6) patriotic theme fat quarters. HAPPY JULY 4th!!

PRIZE #2: A set of five (5) reproduction 30's prints fat quarters.

PRIZE #3: A fabric charm pack from Moda's Folklorique line. 40 five inch squares.

I just love when other bloggers turn me on to other great blogs! Thanks Pat! Plus Dad's that quilt......Rock!

Have a great day!

PRIZE #4: A gathering of prim items from our shop including, a 30's print hot mat, a scented grubby candle, a package of apple pie simmering blends, and anything else I feel like adding from the shelf. This will be a complete surprise. No peeks!

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  1. Lots of great giveaways! Thanks for posting about them!


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