July 20, 2009

Birthday Celebration

We had a great weekend with Emma's cookout and ping pong tournament b-day party on Saturday. It was alot of fun. The temp wasn't too bad (yeah - somewhere in the low 90's- such a change from 106!) but with the misting system that we have up under our covered deck, it was quite nice. I love summer hours and how it stays light til almost 9pm. Malek was an absolute angel. He stayed up til 10! And very politely slept til after 8 the next morning. Big thanks honey!

Miss Emma had a great time playing ping pong with her Aunt Donna and Uncle "Bud" (Robert). My dad and Zack even played a game or two. Food was good, got some nice gifts and the cake was AWESOME!! Cooper Street Bakery has made every birthday cake for her since her 1st one. And the 8th one tasted just as good as #1-7. It looked just like her invitations and the colors were perfect. We even had them put an actual ping pong on it.

Emma and Daddy playing mixed doubles!
Malek trying to pull my brother's chin whiskers.

Ok - so to make a long story short - I lost the #8 candle so I had her hold the mini chalk board. Then I remembered the cake said Happy 8th Birthday.

Emma and my mom - Nana

Emma with my brother and SIL - aka Aunt Donna and Uncle Bud

My dad and stepmom - Grandpa and Mary

I promised this look was not rehearsed or reinacted. This was her actual reaction. She really thought it was a computer. Sadly, it's only a portable DVD player. But once she found out that is what it was, she was just as thrilled. She was also super excited with the whole Harry Potter dvd collection as well as Walker Texas Ranger (yeah - thanks mom. She got her hooked), Princess Protection Program and Mr. Troop Mom.

Sunday was spent recovering. I set up Emma's old 13" tv/vcr combo in the sewing room and worked on my Halloween Swap 9 patch blocks while I listened to Gone With The Wind. I just love that movie. Other than that, the landlord came over and installed a new dishwasher. Nice I know, except when I went to brag and show it off to my mother this morning, there was water standing in the bottom. The very reason we had to get a new one. And we also have a smelly mouse - of the deceased persuasion - up in the attic obviously above Emma's bathroom. So I'm seeing another visit from the landlord tonight. Another low-key night in store. Yeah!
Emma and Malek "recovering".

Have a good evening.


  1. Happy birthday, Emma ... looks like you had a wonderful day & gathering. TTFN ~Marydon

  2. Looks like a very successful party! Happy Birthday to Emma.

  3. Happy Birthday Emma! Sounds like a great party. Hey, I too need a new dishwasher. I finally gave up on it and use my old one as storage, it's great. lol


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