August 24, 2009

Just alot of Craziness

We started off our couple of days of craziness on Wednesday night....

We had our end-of-season basketball party. Emma got to see her team again and get her trophy from her coach. Not a great season, but she had fun nonetheless. Malek enjoyed ordering from the menu on his own!

Then Thursday night, we had a picnic at school. Sort of a "Meet the Teacher" night. Lots of fun. Good food and drink. Emma got to meet her new teachers. She has a male teacher this year and I think she will really like being in his class. Plus this year is her first year to go no-uniform! She was very excited about that. Seemed kindof weird just dressing her in regular clothes this morning.

Then....we got up Friday morning for our summer trip to San Antonio Sea World!! Yeah - what was I thinking scheduling it for the weekend before school started, but oh well. We went, the hotel sucked, traffic was horrible and it was about 103 degrees. However, Emma had a great time and the baby was so good. He really did well on the trip down and back in the car and had a great time in the pool in between times.

Man, I forgot what it was like to pack for a baby!

Family photo....We even held a HUGE snake. Emma so graciously took the picture. She wasn't touching it.
Emma and Malek in the wave pool at Sea World.

Emma and her daddy riding the Shamu ride.
Malek and Daddy feeding the dolphins. He wanted to get in the water with them.

Swimming beauties at the hotel pool.

And to wrap up our whirlwind weekend, I sent my baby off to her first day of 3rd grade.

I hope everyone has a great school year!


  1. what is your blogspot name......I can't make it out.'s like one of those car tags and you try to figure out what it

  2. What fun ways to spend some of the last days of summer. Although, my guess is it stays warmer a lot longer where you're living than where I do! thanks for stopping by to say hi!


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