March 31, 2010

I'm still here.... Really I am.....

Raising two kids almost 8 years apart is HARD, but so rewarding.

Drumroll please.........the little guy is FINALLY WALKING!!! 14 months old on the 26th and he's finally decided that walking is so much more fun than crawling. Here's the proof.He's also discovered that he LOVES suckers (of course under extreme adult supervision....)
So at the start of 2010, I vowed to take more pictures of my kids with me in them - something I didn't do alot of when Emma was smaller and now regret. So here's one of me and the kids the other night at Emma's open house at school. Of course Malek was busy looking at some other kids that were playing nearby.
And on a quilting note.....this is a project that I've got listed on my sidebar or at least I think I do...note to self - check that out.'s a doll quilt to match a baby quilt that I'm making for a co-worker. I even quilted it myself!! Not washed yet, but still cute as can be in my book. I figured her 2 1/2 year old daughter would like a mini version of the one her new brother or sister will be receiving when they arrive this summer. They aren't sure of the gender, and the baby is due in June so when I found the umbrella fabric, I just knew it would make a cute summery baby quilt. I also plan on making them both matching bib and burp clothes out of the same fabric. I'll post more pics as I progress.

Well, it's Wednesday and almost the end of my work day, oh and we have Friday off (yeah)....nothing on tv tonight so that means SEWING!! YEAH ME!

Have a good one!


  1. NICE baby quilt and cute pictures with the kids in them.

  2. The quilts are really cute, but not as cute as those adorable kids! Have fun quilting tonight --- and Friday??? ---"Love"

  3. He was just a wee bairn not so long ago. They grow up to fast. Lovely quilt! Ann :-)

  4. Cute photos!! I can't believe how he's grown. The baby quilt is adorable! :) Christine

  5. A walker! Yeah!!

    Love the colours in the fresh!


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