July 15, 2010

Has it really been 3 wks???

Talk about a slacker! I just realized that it's been 3 weeks since my last post. So here's a little of what we've up to in our household.....
1 - Emma's 9th Birthday / Sleepover - we were supposed to go the a local play pool, but with all the rain we've been having here in TX, we decided to go to the movies instead and saw Karate Kid.

But not before hours of karaoke. Notice the time on the clock. That's PM folks and it's only started....

2 - Swimmin' fun at the local kiddie pool. How precious is this kid I ask ya? Knock kneed just like his mother. Poor baby.

3 - Finished up BOTH of the following quilts! Yeah me! Finally - I know my mom and Zack are both proud of that!

And 4 - Not much else. Currently working on a dress for Emma to wear to my cousin's wedding on Saturday. Talk about workin' under pressure! I may be sewing til the wee hours of the night tomorrow. I'll post pics next week. It's been a long time since I've had to make ANYTHING using a pattern and even though I have a Home Ec degree, I am having a hard time with this pattern. Hopefully, between me, my mother, my aunt and my grandmother, it will be finished in time for the wedding.

I'll leave you with a couple of funny pictures of Malek. This one reminds me of the one I posted here of Emma. Almost identical! No denying they're my kids or at least that they are related.

Hope this isn't how he's going to treat his kids!
See ya later! Just hope not in 3 more weeks!


  1. I'll look forward to seeing Emma in the fancy dress you're making for her. It looks like she had a fun b'day.

  2. I think you are going to be too busy to be "readin' and writin' " here very much for a few days! Have fun; we'll look forward to more cute pictures later! (Happy Belated Birthday to Emma!) ---"Love"


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