June 06, 2011


My Emma is now a 4th grade graduate....with honors!! Straight A's baby - all year!! She was also selected for the Gifted and Talented program next year!! "Us"

Emma and her Nana - my mom

Emma with Grandpa and Mary - my dad and stepmom

This is Mr. Kenneth Davis - whom Emma's school is named after. He gave each of the students their graduation medal.

And these are the squares for a quilt that I've been saving fabric for since last Fall. It's all kinds of yummy junk foods. It's for Emma to celebrate her 10th birthday that's coming up on July 2nd. Turquoise and Hot Pink - HER signature colors!

Oh crap - just noticed that I've got 2 fry squares next to each other in the bottom row. It's much easier to tell what needs to be switched around once you've taken a picture of it. Kindof hard to tell laying out on the bed. Oh well - at least the squares are done - the swapping of squares is the easy part. I hope to get the top done this weekend so I can mail it off to my quilter and have it back in time for Emma's sleepover slumber party on the July 16th.

So - lots of other projects in the works too - what else? That's how I roll!




  1. Congratulations to Miss Emma! How sweet she looks with her favorite people! Her quilt will be really special with memories of things she loves. You could name it "Emma's Favorite Things at Age 10". Then when you make another quilt at age 16, it will need different favorite things! *grin* ---"Love"

  2. Congratulations to the new graduate! Amelia is graduating Kindergarten on Thursday!

  3. Give Emma congratulations from me! She is a great student!

  4. That is awesome! Straight A's!! Congratulations on a wonderful milestone! Your quilt is really cute too. :)


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