May 25, 2011

Wrapping Up

Where did the weekend go? And now here it is Wednesday. Well, Friday, we went to Candlelite Inn for one last dinner as it's closing down on the 15th after something like 54 years of business I think. Might be 57. Anyway. Food was delish. Weather was a little questionble though. But then we got a treat to a double rainbow. The kids really enjoyed that.

This is Malek's new night-time ritual. Must put on gloves to help him fall asleep. Just weird. Yeah and it's 90-ish in Texas this time of year.
Another one of his nightly rituals is to sneak off BEFORE bathtime, a la in the BUFF, and jump under the covers in MY bed. Couldn't resist, caught him in the act. Luckily he had the covers up to his chin.
So yesterday was the BIG day for Miss Emma. Braces Day!


And After!
I think she was cheesing a little too hard in this picture. Think she was trying to show them ALL to me. Notice her choice of turquoise and pink bands - HER signature colors!

Well, after getting them on and then back home for lunch, we had to turn right back around as she popped one off when she bit down into her Sonic burger! That sent her into a tizzy - so worried that the dentist was going to be mad at her. Glue just wasn't strong enough. No worries. But then later last night, we had some crazy weather here in Texas. Lots of tornados touched down around us, hail and a lot of rain. Luckily, it passed around our house and we only got rain, but made for a long night.

OH! I found out earlier that I won a "door prize" from the giveaways that Amy from Amy's Creative Side hosted from the Bloggers' Quilt Festival. It's a kit from Pat Sloan!! Can't wait to receive it. I'll post some pics when I receive it.
Til then.....quilt on!

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  1. Emma will be so proud when she gets past the braces, and even more beautiful! Malek's antics prove he is going to be a typical man! *giggle*
    Have you tried the new Furr's Cafeteria on 820 Access? I was there Saturday, and it's wonderful! Maybe not as good as the Candlelite, but try it.
    I was really worried about you last night as I watched the weather. Glad you didn't get major damage! ---"Love"


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