November 11, 2011

Halloween - finally and Landry's Quilt

I'm just now getting around to posting Halloween pictures. I'm a slacker - what can I say? No actually, working a full time job an hour both ways from my house, managing 2 kids and finding time to quilt - well it's just gotten the best of me lately. This time of year is super busy anyway. As always, still too many unfinished projects on my list for Christmas gifts. Maybe if I start in January this next year, I'll get them all done by December!

This is a sweet little quilt that I'm gifting to a good friend tomorrow. Her baby girl, Landry, will be here in about a month. I can't wait to see her all snuggled up in it.

TGIF!! Have a great weekend Ya'll!



  1. Oh my goodness! Looks like a roaring lion and a pretty princess were roaming your neighborhood together! You did a great job on those costumes! That's the baby quilt you worked on during our sew-in, isn't it? It turned out really pretty; mom and baby will love it! Hope you get lots of sewing done this week-end. ---"Love"

  2. The costumes are/were great! The lion's head turned out good. And the baby quilt is adorable. Love the "L" appliqued on it. Great idea! You do have your hands full. I don't know how you working moms do it!

  3. Absolutely LOVE the quilt - thank you so much - I can't wait to snuggle her up in it!


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