January 23, 2012

Pillowcase Palooza!

It all started with these two little lovelies.....

This pile turned into.........

This pile, which turned into..........

Not sure why blogger won't keep this one turned the right direction....but you get the idea! Quite the productive weekend! I love the assembly method. Did each step to all cases involved which made the process go alot smoother. That's a total of 12 pillowcases in 2 days!! And really I cut everything all on Saturday and only assembled 2 Saturday night. Did the other 10 on Sunday! The kids are stocked for pillowcases for awhile!

Hope I stay on track - I'm loving this momentum!!

Take care - Jenn


  1. Girl, you are just getting too organized! (Actually, that's nothing new, is it?) Those are so cute, every one of them! ---"Love"

  2. I spy a birthday one in there! Love the pillowcases. I have 2 of my own waiting for some sewing.

  3. forgot to ask... WHERE did you find the VW print in the first pic??

  4. Those are gorgeous!! I love to give them as gifts or keep for us. They are such fun


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