January 10, 2012

I am alive

First off - Happy New Year 2012....and only 10 days late!

Well, I've finally decided to pull myself back up by the bootstraps and start sewing & blogging again. The pics below aren't anything real recent. Mostly Christmas presents. But I did want to share pics of my "sewing studio" that we cleaned out and rearranged a couple of weeks ago. I finally got in there last night and cleaned off the last of the junk from my sewing table. I'm all ready to get back in there and start cranking out some fabulous 2012 projects! And by the looks of my ironing board, a new cover should be the first project on my list!

First up though are some pics of a couple of table runners that Miss Em did for her Nana and Grandpa & Mary for Christmas. She did the tops and I quilted them. They all loved them!! She was so proud and I was too!

Here's Nana(my awesome mom!) with her Cherry table runner.

Here is Emma's Grandpa (my dad) holding up the table runner she made for him and Mary.
This is a little lap throw that I made for Mary out of her signature color - red! I quilted it in a very simple X pattern thru each of the blocks.

Now - here's the part that I'm REAL proud of....You should have seen the disaster BEFORE! I was really too ashamed to even take pictures of that nightmare.
I moved my sewing desk to the other window and as usual, have my little tv over in the corner playing none other than my super favorite sewing movie - Little Women!

Here's a picture of the left side of the room with my GROWING stash of vintage sheets and my awesome pie safe that one of my best friend's dad made for me a long time ago. And don't you know it's STUFFED full of fabric. It took my mom almost all day swapping out the VHS movies from there and putting them into the little white dresser below and taking that fabric and much more from various nooks and crannies and filling that cabinet. The drawers in that dresser were really too shallow for the amount of fabric I hoard, I mean have! But they fit VHS tapes just perfectly!

And last but not least...here is, what else, MORE FABRIC!

But at least everything has a place and so now I'm ready to start sewing again! I have vowed to work on Christmas projects throughout the year instead of waiting til December 24th again! First I'll start with a project list.....more to come!


  1. I'm proud of Emma; she did a great job on the table runners; I'm sure the folks love them, and her! Doesn't it make you feel good to have a place for everything in your sewing room? You did good, Girl! Now, get after it! I've missed seeing your fun projects, and hearing from you! I've got Christmas almost packed up, and hope to start sewing soon myself! ---"Love"

  2. Happy 2012! And Emma did a fantastic job! I would love to have Amelia sew something for her Grandmothers. I may have to teach her the "proper" way of sewing this Summer. Nice sewing room! I too am going to TRY to create Christmas gifts all through the year as well. I started already. Just need to finish them up. I was waiting for zippers to come in that I had ordered.

  3. That is wonderful that Emma made the table runners! Hopefully, her love of sewing will keep growing. It is to see you again on blogger. I had wondered how you were doing. I LOVE your pie safe!! My DIL in Arkansas has one similar to it with the tin panels that she and her father made. She was inspired to make it after she saw one filled with quilts! I would love to have one like it. Your sewing area looks wonderful and you have quite a stash there!!


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