February 08, 2012

Little Entrepreneur

It seems that my girl is becoming quite the little businesswoman at age 10! I made her a simple little tissue holder the other day and since then, she has sold over 22 to her little friends & teachers at school! Get this...she's even charging a small fee for the tissues too! So this is starting to be a thriving business for the two of us. We're saving the $ we make to pay for a booth at a big craft show in October at one of the local high schools. She is super excited and so am I. Now I just have to get started on the stock we'll need for the show. Oh we've got some great ideas! Cross you fingers we can pull this one off! Here is a sampling of some of the ones I've made so far. We're even coming up with a little catalog of fabric pics they can choose from!


  1. I know you are so proud of Emma! With her smile, she could sell anything, especially those cute tissue packs! Good luck with the new thriving business! Sounds like you are going to be busy, busy! ---"Love"

  2. What a great idea!! I had a cute little tissue cover and it has disappeared. I'm sure I left it behind somewhere and someone took it home with them. I need to make another one for myself.

  3. Those are so cute! I make them for craft shows also and actually, I usually sell quite a few. Good Luck!


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