January 08, 2013

Etsy Shop is Locked & Loaded!

Happy 2013 my fellow quilting buddies!!

I've decided that 2013 is the year to really focus on getting my quilting talents noticed and hopefully in turn, reap the benefits of it.

My sweet daughter, Emma, has been nominated by her school counselor to attend the Junior National Young Leaders Conference in Washington, D.C. next summer!  I know!  I'm so super excited for her.  What a great opportunity and tons of experience that will help her for years to come!  I'm so proud that her counselor saw the qualities in her that would make a great future leader.

Anywho....the whole trip is expensive.  Therefore, I'm going to be busting my single-momma-butt to help raise a ton of cash to get this girl to Washington D.C.!!  She even gets to go to the White House!!  Man am I jealous!  
Therefore, I'm starting to stock my etsy shop with all kinds of quilty goodness.  It's a work in progress so check back often as I hope to be continually adding new goods.  All items are ready to ship.

Here's a small sampling of what's over there now.

The first one is a simple doll quilt measuring approx. 22 1/2" x 22 1/2".
 This next beauty is a baby quilt measuring approx. 33" x 44" made out of reclaimed vintage sheets.  It's a little piece of heaven!  So super soft!

So help spread the word if you would.  I'd love it if it spread like wildfire throughout the blogging community.

Many thanks!!  Stay tuned - more to come!!


  1. Congratulations to Emma! That is wonderful! Good luck with your Etsy shop as well. My shop is doing OK and I was wondering if you have done many craft shows. We didn't do very many last year, but will continue to do them - even though they aren't all very good. Will you let us know when you find out about some? How did your show go that you did last fall at a high school?

  2. My oldest daughter had the opportunity after 6th grade for a student ambassador trip. Her efforts included making bookmarks on my embroidery sewing machine and selling them, a bake sale at the bank over Christmas break. Took the leftovers to the neighbors to offer them up for donations, families were all there and they were willing for the extra treats. She was hired by some of her previous teachers for spring cleaning at there houses. She made fliers and put them in the teachers mailboxes for why she was fundraising. Some of the group talked about having a pancake breakfast. She also sold homemade Christmas cards.

    Good Luck.

  3. I'm really excited for both of you!!
    You are such an inspiration to me :)
    I need to get off my butt and get busy.
    I'm gonna make a treasury with your awesome stuff

  4. What a wonderful opportunity for Emma! I'm so happy for her! I'm sure somehow the funds will be available. Have you checked out the scholarship information from that website? My former boss took a group to Washington on that program a few years. It was the highlight of the year for the kids, and for him too! ---"Love"

  5. just finished

  6. what a super opprotunity for Emma!! That is AWESOME!

  7. Hey, Kiddo! Are you still around in these parts? Would love to hear from you! ---"Love"

  8. Since you made the Skull block in my Halloween quilt, then I think that means you got featured too! Thank you SO MUCH for responding to my email years ago and letting me swap a block with you!


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