July 15, 2015

Another Quilt Finish

In between all the Summer activities, I was able to recently finish this quilt for my cousin's new baby boy that was born back in February. Can't wait to take it to him at the end of the month and get some cute pictures of him actually laying on it.  I just love this pattern and the fact that it's all hand quilted. It was my go-to project when sitting at the machine for hours on end was too much.  I could sit and hand quilt while watching movies all day long.  I actually picked the fabrics out before he was born.  And even though they are old fashion and wanted to be surprised to see if it was a boy or girl at the birth, something just "told" me it was a boy and luckily it was as this woodland creature fabric is just perfect for a sweet boy living in the country!

It measures about 54" x 58" which is ALOT bigger than I first planned.  So that was another reason I took my time quilting on it because it would have totally swallowed him as a newborn.  Now they can use it more of a playmat on the floor as I'm sure at almost 5 months, he might be starting to get mobile.

All fabrics came from Joann's.  I like to start with one main fabric that has alot of color and then pull in accents usually via fat quarters to compliment it.  The turq is Kona and sews up so nicely.  I love how it really pops as the binding.  That was machine sewn to the front the wrapped to the back and hand stitched down with regular quilting thread.

The top was hand quilted with DMC floss in gray and turq.

Since my measurements were a wee bit off, I added a scappy border down the back.  I'm REALLY trying not to over-buy fabrics so I don't feed into my already troublesome fabric hoarding! LOL

This boy!  He cracks me up.  He was my photo helper before swim lessons that day.  But after so many photos, he demanded a break.  
Guess he's in the Quilt Union!

Well, back to the machine!
Chow for now - Jenn


  1. The fabrics are perfect and the backing is adorable. Good idea to put a panel down the side when the backing isn't big enough. My DH can't hold up quilts very long - he would probably join the union if he knew where to do it!

    1. Yeah neither kid is too keen on helping hold them!

  2. Your quilt is really cute, and you did a super job on the hand quilting! The little boy will love it, and so will his mom. ---"Love"

    1. Hope you can see the Ellis County show at Midlothian Friday or Saturday; five of our church gang are going Friday morning. Maybe I'll see you there?---"Love"


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