January 27, 2016

The Dresden Quilt and Birthday Boys

January!  I love the nip in the air this time of year.  Sorry to all my quilty friends that are buried in the snow!  Kindof wish we had a little down this way in Texas.  We'll probably get ours next month.

But in the meantime, I FINALLY found my way out of my sewing funk and back to the machine!  It was only to make and attach binding, but it was still sewing none the less.  I bought this beautiful quilt top on Instagram for like $40!  What a deal!  All of the Dresden plates are HAND SEWN together and appliqued to the orange fabric.  Vintage Vintage Vintage!  I was totally in love at first sight!

After "sitting" on it for a bit, I took it to my local longarm quilter, Janie Merritt, SHOUT OUT!! and she worked her magic with a Baptist Fan pattern.  I wanted something vintagey.  And boy did she deliver!  I love how it turned out and can't wait to get it all washed up and start to snugglin' under it! It's a big one for sure - about 68" x 90".  The backing is a vintage sheet that I had been hoarding, uh, saving, just for the right occasion!  Amazingly, the blues and reds of the backing match the Dresden plates perfectly.  The muted blue polka dot binding was purchased from JoAnn's on SALE! (of course) from their new Buttercream fabric line.

 Look at this quilting!!  It really gave the quilt some added life!

He totally loves my quilting obsession especially when he gets to model the final product.

He totally thought of this as a King's Cloak!

Now onto the really fun part!  This little fella turned 7 on Tuesday.  SEVEN?!?!  Where the heck did the time go??  He was pretty excited but now is on the count down til his 8th birthday so he won't have to ride in a booster seat any more!

We also celebrated my dad's 71st birthday, which is exactly a week before Malek's.  I'm so fortunate I have him as a Dad and the kids are pretty stoked about having him as their Grandpa!

He's not crazy about his sister at all!!

Still able to pick him up after all these years!!

I hope to have some exciting adventures in 2016.  Hope you will come along for the ride with me!

Happy Quilting!


  1. What a find you made with that quilt top! Also your quilter did a great job. I don't recall ever seeing points on the inside circle of a Dresden Plate quilt; can you just imagine turning that many points by hand? Malek is going to be a lady-killer with those eyes. (I think I said that a few years ago too.) I couldn't see much of Emma with the "Little Ham" hugging her, but I must say she has beautiful hands! Is she going to be a quilter? Sure glad you still have your dad to help and encourage you and the kids. ---"Love"

    1. LOL - he is such a Ham!! For sure! I'm totally in love with Dresden Plate quilts lately! Not sure if I'm brave enough to try one just yet though!

  2. The quilt is gorgeous! Unusual to see an orange background with dresden plate, but it's perfect. Do you have any idea when it might have been made? Your "Model" did a great job and is so handsome.

    1. Think it was from the 40's but not totally sure! Yes the boy is quite the model! He loves to help me when I'm sewing for sure.


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