January 29, 2016


Hi Friends!  I need to keep my sewing streak on a roll so I thought I'd host another charm swap!  The last Orange/White was well received, so let's do it again!

Anyone out there in blogland interested in an POLKA DOT charm swap?  I'm posting this on IG as well as here on the blog.  The more the merrier I always say!

Let me know because I'll be posting details by the end of next week here on the blog.

There's not much to it.  It involves buying various POLKA DOT fabrics, cutting into 5"x 5" squares, sending them and a self addressed FRE to me (charm swap mama!).  I'll divvy them up and send you back an assortment from everyone involved!  Easy peasy!  Make something fun with them or simply add them to your stash.

Comment on this post or send me a separate email saying you'd love to join in and I'll send you a confirmation email.  If you do comment via this post, please make sure that your email is attached to your profile.  If you have friends that would like to participate, just have them email me!  I'd love to include them even if they don't have a blog or an IG account.  purpleheartorijennals@yahoo.com

This will be great fun!

Sew little fabric....sew little time!

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  1. Count me out, but it will be fun to see what everyone comes up with. ---"Love"


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