April 06, 2010

Easter Weekend Wrap-Up

I finally finished my Quilts For Kids quilt that I first blogged about here. It tells all the details on how you too can make a quilt for a deserving child. It's all washed and dried and ready to be sent off to some lucky kiddo!
We had a great Easter weekend. The kids hunted for eggs more than once. Well, Emma did anyway. Malek was more interested in busting them open and kicking them around all over the livingroom. He was REALLY into the "grass" in his basket. Note to self.....skip the grass next year. I'm finding it in the weirdest places!

I cooked for my mom and grandmother. Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans and cheesecake (walmart however cooked this - delish!).
I think Malek was going on about 6 hours of straight being awake in this photo - hence the open mouth yawning. He finally crashed out after we did the egg hunt.

BEFORE our nice long Easter weekend....Emma tripped at school last Wednesday and somehow landed on her knee but not before her left thumb slipped under it and broke. First broken bone. Hey at least she waited til she was almost 9. Stitches were at 2 1/2 though. Anyway, we go tomorrow to the ortho dr to see what's next. She's been sporting that fashionable blue splint type thing ever since. So I've had to help her bathe and dress.....man I forgot how easy it was only doing that on one kid! Now I've got two to contend with in those departments. She's been a real good sport about it. She's really wanting a turquoise cast or hot pink.

Things were very pleasant with a 3 day weekend....Easter went off without a hitch.....then Monday hit. See photo below. Malek got into a tangle with the magazine rack and apparently lost. Said rack is highlighted in this photo.
I just noticed, not only did it hit his eye, it clipped his little nose and his big toe on his left foot. Mom said he only cried for a few minutes and then was back up playing like nothing was wrong. All boy!

Have a great week! I've got TONS of sewing projects to get to. Oh and of course Texas Bluebonnet pictures!!! Here is last year's picture. He was so tiny!


  1. Sorry about both of your kids getting injured this past week. It seems to come in batches!

  2. Poor Malek! But what a cute picture! Didn't I tell you it seems bad things come in three's? After Emma's thumb, your AC, and now Malek, I guess you believe me now! *wink*
    The red/black quilt is so cute! Glad all of you enjoyed Easter, and I love the family picture in sepia tones. ---"Love"


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