April 26, 2010

Look who's got a new DO!

No quilting this weekend. We had out final soccer game, a cookout at Grandpa's house (my dad) and did a whole lotta unpacking boxes!!! Finally - and we've only been there a year! My mom is so inspiring. Just her being there gave me the willpower to finally tackle ALOT of boxes. She did alot too. Thanks Mom!

But in more important news.....Malek got a real BIG BOY HAIRCUT!! I do miss the curls, but how HANDSOME is he I ask???

He seems to look a little worried about how much she's taking off over the ears.

Wish us luck today! Emma goes back to the orth dr to see about taking her cast off! Let's hope it's all healed and we can get back to normal life!

Happy Monday!


  1. I like him in his big boy haircut!!!

  2. I LOVE his new haircut, so cute! He's growing up!

  3. Right! Growing up, he is! Soon he will have all the pretty little girls sighing! Such a cutie!
    Hope Emma got a good report, and rid of the cast! ---"Love"

  4. Whew! There are some *ahem* in my family, who have been insisting I cut my little guys curls off, but I like them soooo much! And he doesn't have much on top! I'm glad to see someone else liked little boys curls too!


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