April 27, 2010


Does anyone else have this same problem???
Right after I leave a comment on SEVERAL of my FAVORITE blogs, it starts opening about a ZILLION new internet windows. It goes on a rampage I tell ya! On and on and on and on!!! And trying to exit out of them is next to impossible. Has this happened to anyone else? I can still read them, but now have to miss out on commenting about great quilt projects, or cute grandkid pics or entering their fabulous giveaways! Man am I steamed! So if you haven't seen me comment in a while, it's not because I don't love ya and read your blogs daily (because I do), it's because there's a gremlin in my computer that doesn't WANT me to comment.



  1. No...I've not had that happen. It surely sounds very weird!

  2. I haven't had thosde issues but it certainly seems the gremlins have got into the system. Ann :-)

  3. I haven't had those particular problems. My problem is that my computer is trying to die a natural death I think. About 10 PM tonight is the first time I could get mine on since last Saturday! I'm so far behind reading blogs I may never catch up! It's almost 3 AM!! I've got to go to bed, and who knows if this "box" will come on tomorrow so I can finish!! I still have a lot to go. Don't bother trying to respond to my comment, really; my computer may be "out of order" totally tomorrow. And you think you are steamed; I'm overbaked!! This is the worst time ever for me to be without my computer; I'm trying to get everything finalized for a class reunion Saturday! So I'm probably out of here until next week when I hope to get to the bottom of the problem, probably by taking it to the Geek Squad or somebody! ---"Love"

  4. Yes, I have had that problem a few times! It's rather scary to see your computer so out of control.
    Gail (malggl@comcast.net)


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