December 20, 2010

Birthdays, Sewing & Christmas Lights

What a busy weekend! Saturday was my grandmother's and sister-in-law's birthday. Friday night was our monthly Family Game Night / Birthday party celebration. Pizza, salad, presents, cake & ice cream! YUM! Oh and some Farkle too! Fun fun dice game.

Saturday morning, Mom came over bright and early so we could sew a bit. I finished up a few pillowcases to give to the other "Golden Girls" at my grandmother's nursing home.

On Saturday night, we (me, my Mamie, Mom & the kids) went to look at Christmas lights in a "fancy" part of town. This is a tradition that my mom and I have done with my grandmother every year on her birthday since my grandfather passed away 24 years ago. Poor Emma was in this position before we ever got there so she got in a good nap before all the fun started.

Malek has learned to say LIGHTS so that's all we heard all night was "Lights! Mamie! Lights! Nana! Emma! Lights!" You get the picture. We all had a great time seeing them thru his eyes this year.

Then on Sunday, Mother came back over so she could finish up the quilt she is making for one of her sisters for Christmas. I've got a matching giant pillow on my project list for her too! I did some straight line quilting on it and Mom learned how to do mitered corners on the binding! I am very proud of her - she did an excellent job!
Malek decided he needed to model with the quilt in this shot!
Well, back to the sewing machine......


  1. You gals are like three peas in a pod! Such cute pictures! I'm sure your Mamie and the "Golden Girls" will enjoy the pillows, and your mom's quilt is really pretty; her sis will love it I'm sure!
    Glad you mentioned the lights! With this bad foot, I haven't even thought about driving around here yet. I'll have to call a friend to take a look. Our City Park, we are told, is one of the finest light shows around close. We used to drive in to FW, but now we don't have to do that. I'll check it out! ---"Love"

  2. Sounds like you are getting lots done and having fun doing it too.


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