January 05, 2011

I'm buried and can't dig out....

This is why I haven't blogged about anything quilty since Christmas. THIS is how my sewing room currently looks. Actually, I just got brave enough to open the doors this morning to take this picture. Sad I know, but soon I plan on getting back out there and busting a move and get it all cleaned back up and put away only to start about 92,000 more projects for 2011.

Actually it pretty much looks like this at any given time of year, but especially heinious at Christmas.

But on a good note....this is the bestest Christmas present my momma got me! Now I can SAFELY transport my machine to her house or my friend Susie's house when we have "sewing parties". Yeah happy day! I was a very good girl this year! Thanks Mom!

So, promise to you all to get my act together and get sewing again!!


  1. Very nice sewing tote! I need one of those but my machine is a monster. I would hate to see the cost for one for mine! And don't fret about the sewing room. Mine looks the same way! Organized Chaos is what I call it. :)

  2. Hey, that's not bad! I hope you never see this room my computer is in! I hardly have room for the keyboard! But my sunroom/sewing room is looking up this morning. I'm in the process of uncovering the sewing machine in just a few minutes! Of course, Christmas boxes are all over the floor to be moved to the garage! Ughhhhhhh! Ouch! But I'm getting there; so will you! Nice machine case! ---"Love"

  3. That is what my sewing room usually looks like...I would feel right at home.

    What a wonderful gift....


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