March 14, 2011

EEEeeeekkkk! Doll quilt received!

Squeal!! Here is my doll quilt from my partner Sarah! How cute! And so my colors!! Sarah - you did such a great job!!! She even sent me the pattern and a cute little FQ of red/pink heart material. Sorry I didn't get a picture of that - was too excited about the quilt as you can imagine!
So I asked Malek to hold the quilt for me and smile.

nice smile, but can you smile a little bigger?

Ok - that's a little better....but can you smile a little Bigger??
That's it! I think he was just as excited to receive this as I was!

Thanks again Sarah - You did an outstanding job!!

Malek was quiet taken with it. I might have to make him one but in "boy" colors.

Sarah should be receiving her quilt today. Man I hope she likes it!! Wish me luck!


  1. Cute quilt, and cute kid! I'm sure Sarah will like hers too! ---"Love"

  2. Darling quilt and a very cute quilt holder!

  3. Very cute quilt model! The quilt is very pretty too.

  4. That quilt is so cute...BUT....that smile is just so precious!!! What a grat quilt model.

  5. That is just fabulous. Love the fabrics!


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