March 28, 2011

Mug Rug Love!

Not sure if you've seen, but over at the blog called "twomoreseconds" she's been hosting Mug Rug Madness! These little things are catching on like wildfire! I've made several, but never had done one for me.....til NOW!!

I've had this fabric from Keepsake Quilting for.EVAH! Finally - the perfect little project to display these cutie fabrics featuring my signature color - PURPLE!! It went together super fast because I used the String Block method where it quilts as you go. I even got brave and tried sewing the binding to the back and then...get this....STITCHING IT DOWN BY MACHINE to the front!! I am an avid "sew to the front then hand stitch to the back" kindof girl, but I thought what the hey - I'll give it a whirl! So don't look to closely at my stitching as it's a little swirvy. Is that even a word? lol



Then afterwards, while I was still on a sewing high, I decided to start a table runner out of a cute rooster panel that I found at Joann's. I'm making this one for my aunt that kept Emma entertained for several days during Spring Break. As a little "thank you!"

So go forward and join the Mug Rug Madness!! Or whatever other madness you choose to join!

:-) Jenn


  1. Cute, cute! So help me, someday I'm going to find time to make some for ME! Seems like I'm always entertaining folks! Got 15-20 classmates coming at 3 PM today for a quick visit with one from Mississippi! Wish I already had some mug rugs made! I need them NOW! ---"Love"

  2. I love you mug rug. I am going to have to give that a try. Plus I am in love with the rooster table runner (psst It would go well in my dining room if I had one, LOL).

  3. Really really cute mug rug!! I LOVE purple too. :) Your table runner is great too.

  4. Funny. I almost bought that same fabric from KQ when it came ou AND I practiced that same binding technique on Amelia's doll quilt this weekend. Mine didn't work out so well.

  5. Hi, I followed your link from 'That Girl...That Quilt'.

    I love the addition of the buttons to your mug rug! I'm never too sure on the corners of my binding so I might just try this on some of my projects too :)

    Visit my blog -

  6. Gorgeous projects!! Love how bright & fun your mug rug is!


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