March 07, 2011

Doll Quilt Sneak Peek & other Happenings

Finally....I've got my mojo back! Not sure where it was, but it reared it's head alot this weekend! So without further ado, let the show begin....

This is for my partner Sarah (Be Forever Grateful!) - First off a little sneak peak of my Doll Quilt for the DQS that Christine at Once Upon a Quilt is hosting. I hope she likes it because I know I'm sure going to have a hard time parting with it.
Then I made this super easy little coffee cozy for my stepmom for her birthday in her "signature color". This is the fastest little project and would be a great little gift for the coffee lover in your life.
I also finished up the baby quilt for my bossman's oldest daughter who is due with her first baby - a boy - early next month.

So - that's about it in the sewing onto what the kids have been up to while their daddy was out of town for 8 days. Malek has already picked up on his momma's knack for multi-tasking like caring for the "kids" and vacuuming the house.Lounging under the coffee table watching movies.
You might think - oh how cute, he's posing with momma's quilts. No - on the contrary. This is his time out spot. And let's just say, he spent alot of time there this weekend. Just couldn't help "beating up" on his sister.
And when he wasn't beating up Emma, they were snuggling on the couch playing her DSi.
He also suited up in his protective gear to do a little work around the house. And you can't work without your trusty sidekick dog Pluto!
Daddy's home and we're all happy once again!
Take care and keep on quiltin'!


  1. How cute those projects turned out! I love how the colors just fade into one another on the first picture! At least Malek's time out place is near some of Mom's "comfort quilts"! *grin* Obviously Emma loves him much in spite of his picking on her! Glad your hubby got home okay! ---"Love"

  2. You're on a roll! Love the sneak peek of your doll quilt. I'm sure your partner will love it!

  3. Jenn!!!! You're killin' me with the sneak peak!!!!I can't wait to see it!!! Thanks for all your work and most of all... thanks for parting with it!! HUGS!!!!!

  4. Great projects! It feels so good to get things done. Malek is so cute with his puppy & vacuum. My 2 yo grandson has a blue & white puppy that is with him constantly also. Actually, he has 3 of them because once they couldn't find the only one as it was left outside, so they had to buy another one (emergency situation!). I'm not sure why he has 3 now. It is definitely always better when daddy is home.


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