April 13, 2011

Block Swap

I joined a really cool swap over at Bolo Heads for a Fabric Rainbow Block Swap!! My color is Hot Pink/Fuchsia. Yeah!! We were to select 10 fabrics in our chosen/assigned color and then cut 20 4" blocks from each. Send those in and get 200 back in a rainbow of fabulousness! Here are my selections that will be going in the mail shortly!! Can't wait to see all the awesome colors that I get back. I've already got several patterns in mind for my blocks too. I'm so in love with that one on the top of the left stack! The Joann's that I went to only had one FQ!! I'm on a quest now. I used to have it in purple too - just dreamy!


  1. Oooh! Those fabrics are soooo pretty! Are those Fuschia blossoms on the one you like best? (I can't get the picture to enlarge.) Wish I were going to JoAnn's in FW; I'd check there for you. ---"Love"

  2. Love those colors and fabrics!! Can't wait to see your progress.


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