April 04, 2011

BUSY Weekend! (picture overload)

Like I said, it was a BUSY weekend! And here are the pictures to prove it! I did alot of sewing this weekend anticipating a return email from my swap partner in Round 2 of the Doll Quilt Swap at Once Upon a Quilt. She finally emailed back so now I get to start dreaming up something wonderful for her!

But in the mean time, I got several things accomplished this weekend. I started out by putting together this little lap quilt top for my step mother. Red is her signature color and their car club's color. She and my dad have an old convertible street rod that they like to drive around. Back in the cooler Winter months, she had said how she needed something to cover up when they went cruising because with no top it was a bit chilly. So this is what I came up with - though it's not been too chilly lately. Oh well, she'll have it for next year anyway. I'm going to bind it in that black & red fabric that I threw in to add some character.

Sometime last year my mom and I got to thinking about doing something really meaningful with our quilting talents. So we came up with making small quilts for the NICU babies at one of our local hospitals and my mom's neighbor just so happens to work in that dept. So she was very excited about these. Here is one that I started, sadly before Christmas last year. But it's complete now and I've got 2 other tops just like it ready to be quilted. They'll be ready for THIS Christmas though! I backed it with some cute It's a Hoot! green dotted/checked fabric I bought from Vanessa at V & Co. during her "oh swear word, my husband's company is shutting it's doors sale". Here's another top for the NICU from the leftovers from my cousin's baby quilt I made recently. More to come! I've got tons of fabric combo's already pulled to start making more.Now....Malek is going through a phase where he likes to carry around something soft at all times. We have coined the phrase "his soffie". So to keep him out of my fleece stash.....I let him pick out some cute dinosaur fabric and I whipped up this little quilt for him. He seems quite proud as you can see. And when I asked him to turn it to the back to show me, he turned his whole body around so I could see HIS back! So cute. But you get the idea.

Then Sunday afternoon, we went to see Disney on Ice Toy Story 3! So he had to have a Toy Story soffie to take too. He LOVED it! So quick and easy. I think the whole thing took about 2 hours. Plus it helps me practice my straight line quilting too!Here are some pics from the show! We had great seats and the kids loved it. We took Nana with us too so it was alot of fun.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.....bluebonnet pictures to come.....Like I said.....It was a busy weekend!


  1. What cute models you have there...and what a terrific thing to do with your sewing talent!!

  2. You HAVE been busy! What pretty quilts for the NICU. And Malek... Adorable!


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