April 11, 2011

Texas Tradition - Bluebonnets

Bluebonnets 2011

Apparently NO ONE wanted to take a pic with Dad! Poor guy!

More sewing projects to come.....ripping out the quilting from an entire baby quilt now - Argh! Darn pieced backing! Stretched something awful.


  1. I love your pictures! They are great! I hope we get to see some bluebonnets when we come home on Friday. We left TX just before they bloomed. I really love them and look forward to seeing them every year.

  2. Red, white, and blue! Just can't beat those colors, even if the blue and white are in the bluebonnets! You found a really nice bunch of them! Cute pictures!
    Our pastor called Ennis CoC and was told the bluebonnets are really pretty around there, so a group are going on the church bus next Tuesday. I haven't committed to go yet, so the bus may be full! I might have to stay home and sleep in! *giggle* ---"Love"

  3. What wonderful pictures! The one with Dad and no one else is pretty funny!

  4. I miss the bluebonnets so much...they are just breath taking!


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