September 21, 2015

Hexie Swapping 101

O.M.G!  I'm sure those of the quilting community already know what a hexie or hexie flower is.  And if you don't, pull up a chair and let me school you on the latest craze going on in the IG world.

It's the new fad of Hexie flower Swapping!  It's kindof like the new age of pen-palling for the quilting world.

Basically, you can search Intagram for any of the more popular hashtags related to hexies and find a plethra of peeps who are willing to swap a hexie flower with you.  Private message them to request a swap. Make one for them, they make one for you. Easy Peasy!  I just got in on it this week and already have 42 on my list of swappers!  I received my first one this week and was instantly hooked.

The great thing about this is there are hexie lovers all over the world.  I'm already swapping with peeps in Malaysia, Africa, Japan, UK and Australia!  Not to mention several folks in the good ol' U. S. of A!

Some popular hashtags:

And as many of you know, I'm a spreadsheet nerd by day so this whole thing blends both of my passions - fabric and spreadsheets!  I have a whole log set up with each swappers information, like their IG name, actual name, address, etc....  I also log in if they had any special requests and what hexie I make for them, when it's mailed and if I've received theirs yet.

The great thing is that mailing a hexie flower and maybe a postcard is super cheap.  In the US as long as it's under the 1 oz weight limit, it only cost 1 Forever Stamp!  Outside of the US, it's only $1.20.

I like to inlcude a Texas post card, because let's face it, who doesn't like to get a fun postcard from where the hexie flower was "born"?  I also include some 1/2" hexie punches because I think the tiny baby ones are so freaking precious!  I want them to be able to make their own!

Mike from The Amateur Quilter did a FANTASTIC "hexie swappin' etiquitte" blog post detailing all the do's and don'ts of how to swap these fun fabulous flowers.  Go check it out.  After reading his post and seeing his daily creations I was hooked!  He cranks them out like crazy on his daily train commute.

I was so excited to get mine sent out that I totally spaced on taking a photo of each I was mailing. So here are a few that I have done so far and the ones I've received so far.



This was my first one received from Mike in New Jersey.  And how appropriate that I would have chosen this one because those are little Texas Houndstooths!!

This beauty is headed to Tokyo Japan today!!

I can't wait to see how many other cool places I end up swapping with.

So grab your scraps and get on the Hexie Train!!

Happy Stitchin'!



  1. It is fun to swap! I'm not doing the hexie swap, but just sent 82 bow tie blocks and will get the same amount back all different!

  2. such a fun concept it's like pen pals with fabric :)


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