September 08, 2015


Hi Friends!  Anyone out there in blogland interested in an orange/white charm swap?  I have a total of 6 peeps that want to participate in one over on IG and thought we could add a few more folks from blogland if you were interested.

Let me know because I'll be posting details by the end of the week here on the blog.

There's not much to it.  It involves buying some orange/white fabric, cutting into 5"x 5" squares, sending them and a self addressed FRE to me (charm swap mama!).  I'll divvy them up and send you back an assortment from everyone involved!  Easy peasy!  Make something fun with them or simply add them to your stash.

Comment on this post or send me a separate email saying you'd love to join in and I'll send you a confirmation email.  If you do comment via this post, please make sure that your email is attached to your profile.

This will be great fun!

Sew little little time!


  1. I think you must have more time and energy than I do; you are staying busy every moment, aren't you? I hate to tell you, but I think I'll pass on this swap. I already have more things going than I can handle. I do hope it goes well for you; it will be fun to see all the orange projects everyone comes up with. ---"Love"

    1. That's fine Love! I just wanted to throw it out there for a few of my loyal followers just in case. I feel too guilty not having 90 different things going at once! lol


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