September 11, 2015


Hello quilty friends! 

By now, you have received an email or IG message from me to let you know you are officially in the Purpleheart Ori"Jenn"als Orange/White Charm Swap.

This is my first time hosting a charm swap, but I've participated in MANY others!  I'm super excited about this as it's a color I don't normally use but have recently been pulled to the other side of the fence and am now loving!!  

It's such a happy little color!

It's super simple and in return you get a mix of fun fabrics that you might have never known existed had you not joined in!

Here's what you need to do.

STEP 1:  Pull from your stash or purchase 1/3 yrd each of 4 different 100% cotton quilt shop quality orange/white fabrics.  The fabrics must read orange/white.  Examples below of acceptables and not acceptables.  Any print, pattern or design is ok.



STEP 2:  Rotary cut 12 5" x 5" squares from each of your 4 fabrics and put them all into a ziplock baggie.  Mark your name on the outside of the baggie.

STEP 3:  Mail your squares to me with another FRE addressed back to you with postage already on the envelope.  Or if you'd like, I can notify you when squares are ready to be shipped and you can send me $5.75 via Paypal and I will purchase your return FRE.  Or a 3rd option is to send me $5.00 cash along with your squares and I will purchase your return FRE.

STEP 4:  Once everyone's squares arrive, I will divide them up and each of you will receive back a total of 48 squares, including 2 pcs from each of the 4 you submitted.

DEADLINE to mail and receive them by me is OCTOBER 10.  I will then turn them around and have everyone's mailed back out by October 17.

I hope that everything is clear.  If not, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ask questions!! I will be happy to answer any and all questions.  You can post a comment on this post or email me directly at

I hope this swap is successful as I have a few others in mind I'd like to do too!

Take care and get to cutting!!

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